Sports captured at just the right moment (36 Photos)

  • @Nick_Haven


  • Inigo Montoya

    #2 Sorcery!!

  • Carl

    #2 Hello!

  • the390

    Judo CHOP!

  • @Toanimal

    Is #3 Napoleon Dynamite's brother??

  • @AdamB8

    lotta gay in this one

    • Deke

      a lotta gay coming out of you

  • Jeff

    #10 You're doing it wrong.

  • tv_paul

    #14 Well he should be use to having his package grabbed since he's from San Francisco.

    • Hrdwood

      certainly makes me wonder whether he took it in the end zone…

    • Notknowing

      Do you know how I know you're gay?…you grab another guy's junk while pretending to tackle.

  • Chimpchilla

    #4 Pick a winner!

    • dutch

      i don't get it. Dude's got a booger. what's he supposed to do, go politely ask the line judge for a facial tissue?

      i guess the alternative is to snot rocket it out of there, but he's probably already tried that.

  • Ride

    I think #22 is a natural reaction to a surprise fist…

  • Rog

    #31 owwwww

  • sam

    show these to beyonce

  • @ortegaralph

    Yeah right, Japanese dude.

    • thatguy188

      LOL, exactly my thinking.

  • jshiver15


    "I'll get inside your face." – Chazz Michael Michaels

  • Skrewed

    #33 I HATE people in Red Pants and Blue Shirts… Oh Shhhh… There's one right behind me isn't there?

    • Ruben

      *Blue Jackets

      • Notknowing

        Yeah, who's the dummy that named that team BJ!

  • Jack Wagon

    #1 get that dick outta my ass!!!!!!

    • Jack Wagon

      Never mind. I enjoy a cock in my ass.

  • idk

    #30 is that on hydrofoils?

    • jim thorton

      yes, but it is a bit different than you think. kind of like a 45 degree dagger-board that they can adjust to change the height and handling. Look it up, pretty dope.

    • ksweens

      Heck yeah (although those in the sailing community just refer to it as foiling 😉 )! That's Emirates Team New Zealand's AC72! Awesome to see America's Cup boats getting some publicity on theChive! In case you can't tell, I'm a die-hard sailor haha.

  • jamie

    #1 Wade goes in for surprise butt sex on Griffin. #31 OUCH !! Peeing blood for a week. 35 SOON !! #26Japanese baseball player his name is Long Wang…True Story

  • billyboy

    #29 omnomnomnomnom

  • cadaver

    #8 and #36 How can animal cruelty be a sport?

    • Smokey

      Answer: a dog watches a Leafs game

  • I know I know

    They're playing like shit but……..

    #9 GO WINGS!!!

    • Mandy

      They better get it together so!!! It's killing me haha.
      Go wings!!!!

      • Spicy McHaggis

        was at that game too – Wings won it! GO WINGS!

        • Spicy McHaggis

          Horse Mask made an appearance there too lol

    • blue_bronco

      They are playing great, so…

      Go Hawks!

  • Captain Chauvinist

    Does anyon know when the bfms will be on sale ?

  • guest

    #19 – nice to see Team Handball included!

  • @PortiaWendel

    #18 its the invisble man!

    • Telephone Man

      Got his head knocked off.

  • bigyawns

    #14 seems like a pretty normal mome…oh wait

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