The rich kid of Instagram (35 Photos)

Rich Lavish says: “Lavish Calling myself poor is just an insult to you. — Bitch I’m rich, rude, cocky and arrogant. — 17yrs. San Francisco Livin Hoe.”

I have no idea how this kid makes his money. His overall message is kind of sad.

  • normalman

    While he seems like douche as everyone says, does hating on him making everyone feel better about themselves? Why not rise above the B.S. and stop typing trash over the message board.

    Just KCCO, in my opinion.

  • Adam Z.

    I get having all the stuff…but why so many phones?

  • Bulls

    So what . . ? Tool

  • SoCal BoSox Fan

    #23 You would think he would brag about how generous he is but there is nothing on the tip line.

  • PandaBear

    lol why all the hate? I don't see why people are hating…. i'd act the same way and not care lol
    All of you're hateful comments just show how idiotic you people are. Just because there aren't any pics of friends of girls doesn't mean he doesn't have any. And you compare his dick size? lmao ahhh how the poor have to hate on the rich.

  • Fuckyouthatswhy

    I can tell that this guy is a super mega extreme extra douchey douche.

  • Dude

    #1 silly boy that's not a phone….

  • Candlejack

    Urge … to … torture … with … a … blowtorch … rising!

  • opportunist

    if he flaunted a 2g stack in front of you..wouldnt you take it from him? I know I would 🙂

  • Phil Willams

    #23 is all i need to see. The kids got all that money and doesn't even leave a tip. What's the point of wealth if you can't/don't share it with those in need.

  • Amanda

    i want to hit this kid with my car. fucking douchebag. so glad i never use instgram, just uninstalled it to make sure i don't.

  • Atxkid2015

    With all that money and no nail clippers


    DANG!! thats alotta cash! ….but GOFUCKYASELF..cause im poor a grew up in a RV

  • Eric

    Not a single other person appears in one of these pictures in a friendly capacity. 2 I think are taken by another person. Boy can't even bribe people to be around him.

  • PankyHams


  • mrbeansjr

    Someone please rob this kid

  • pfunk0069

    all that money and he buys a springfield ?

  • alex

    you can have all the money in the world, but the herb still sat on a roof all alone and ate dinner by himself

  • Kris

    So he robbed a DOUCHE BAG wearhouse…. So what

  • Mr. R

    Some people are so poor, that all they have is money.

  • Jaden

    #23 That rich and he doesn't leave a tip… Fuck you. Materialism to the max. Not a real life, get your shit together. Help people who need it, do something real with your money.

  • Matt

    Notice how there isn't a single other person in his photos….

  • David_Castle

    Oh I hope this kid gets robbed!

  • FAT1!!

    so on number 17 he has this bill looks like a dinner bill cus the total after tax is $797.?? and then he rounds up to 800. most ppl on here tip douple the bill and they only have regular dayjobs. so i feel like spitting in his food is simply not enough.

  • Vikki

    Hahaha this guy wrote me on POF and I sent him this link and he blocked me

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