• NUTS!

    He also may need to register his balls as weapons of mass destruction.

    • gregorije1

      weapons of mass reproduction

      • I actually lol'd

        You sir, you win

  • INsane


  • Sierra club sucks

    Do it while you can, the liberals are trying to shut down all motorized activities. Baaaah says the american sheeple.

    • NUTS!

      I bet this crazy fucker would do that jump on a Toboggan, JDGAF!

    • ChiTownChiver

      Liberals are taking snowmobiling away from us now? Holy shit, what's next? No cars, road bikes, trains and/or airplanes?
      You're a fuckin retard. And this is coming from a republican.

    • Eder

      Has anyone told you… that you're fucking retarded?

      • Sierra club sucks

        the guy right before you.

  • sfb101

    Gnarly wicked air!

  • CHO

    Looks cool! Literally.

  • Fur Sure

    Sweet wheelie at the end there! …Trackie?

    • Yes mam

      It would be called a catwalk

  • Mike

    His sperm is sponsored by monster energy, because even they are most likly doing backflips in his sack

  • Paladin

    I think I just shit my pants for him….

  • billyboy

    the man of steel has nothing on this guys balls of steel

  • JSJ

    Is there another view besides the helmet cam? Sick air!

  • Busterbwn

    Oh shit oh shit oh shit!!

  • Derek

    As awesome as this was, and these sledneck guys are, I can't stop myself from hating them. Wearers of Sledneck branded attire up here are pretty much the equivalent of people who rock Affliction gear, with that same douchey attitude to go along with it.

    • devadander

      You in Alaska?

  • shadydiesel

    Nice drop brett. Way to rock the rose tint 509's

  • yoyo

    It's called a fish eye lens. This jump is sweet but not as crazy as it seems. I bet from the bottom it wasn't too impressive. A fish eye lens makes EVERYTHING look amazing even when it's complete shit.

    • kwstunts

      Um… he had over 6 seconds of air time and was higher than the trees. How isn't that impressive?

      • Jarvis

        Obviously it's plenty cool but the video went into slow motion when he hit the jump. He didn't really have six seconds of air time. The fish eye lens distorts the edge of the frame; which is where the trees were.

    • yoyo's_hater

      Jealous much? Wait… I know… you just critique everyone while you sit and stare at your computer in amazement, wishing you were that guy in the video.

    • Guy

      I would like to see a vid of you evion attempting something as sick as that you homo

    • Karl

      Go suck a dick, what a cock, I'm sure you don't even know how stupid you sound, fish eye lens, hahahahhahahahahah wanker

  • Spelling Police

    Song? Band? Thanks.

    • tspot

      someone to believe by bad religion

  • kc1
  • On Another Level

    Omg That Was Kick Ass! lol

  • non, a

    Nice, but I do jumps that big on my dirtbike and land on dirt as hard as concrete lol

    • td83

      Nice, if you would realize snowmobiles weigh oh…..more than 3 times the weight of your dirtbike and crashing going 60 or falling hundreds of feet on snow doesn't feel so soft after all. Ever got a 450 pound sled rolled onto you? Ya about 10 times worse then hitting dirt with protective gear on.

      • non, a

        I ride a 450 and those are 220+ pounds actually. and he doesn't have to worry about other people running him over afterwards, and my bike can land on me on very hard dirt… I don't see how it could ever be worse on a sled, but w/e

    • Yes mam.

      You don't do shit. Shut the fuck up and go to your room!

  • Kirby

    Aw Hell Yeah !!!

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