An artist’s evolving talent from age 2 to 25 (22 Photos)

Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante exhibited a passion for the visual arts from an early age. Watch his progression over the years.

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  • TxSt

    #22 WANT!

    • ktmsandwitch

      Shut up and take my money

    • Jason
      • ktmsandwitch

        just bought one

    • DickFaceDuck

      So what was he doing at age 12 and 21?

      • echogeo

        At twelve he discovered his penis. At 21, a girl did.

  • Nico

    If I avoided Reddit before I viewed theChive, I'd be more intrigued on posts like these. I just see redundancy and regurgitation in online media and realize that it's almost inevitable, and I'm just a hater. At least I have a critically coherent opinion on things.

    • Nico

      Needless to say, the guy is extremely talented.

    • Rich

      So avoid reddit. I haven't checked that site in years and I feel fine.

    • WildCardBitches

      Go the fuck away.

      • Uh...


    • bizarrogreg

      You mean that everything on the internet isn't original?!?

      Mind blown

    • Static

      all reddit does is steal/post stuff from everywhere else.. kinda like most sites do. and Reddit looks like crap. Chive wins

      • dork

        marc actually posted this on reddit. at least chive is giving him credit.

    • Donkey

      Your balls must smell like cheddar cheese. Take a shower.

    • Justin

      Having a critically coherent opinion on things is one thing. Realizing you're not the only one in this world who matters and keeping your opinion to yourself so others can enjoy the Chive content, and not being a complete douche is called self control and or self actualization. Also, posting to make others believe that you are more intelligent than you truly are also makes you a douche. True intelligence and enlightenment allows everyone to see the world through their own eyes without having to display how completely ignorant you are by posting stupid comments. In closing ill say this, you sir are a douche… Good day.

      • Wonderin


      • Rev

        This is spot on. I wish I could like it more than once.

      • Rastamon420

        Well Played Sir!!

      • MylesofStyles

        <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

      • Nico

        Why is it that weak minded people are offended when they hear or read a person's own opinions and cannot bear to understand (but most of all accept) another person's thoughts? Your response made no sense. It was argumentative for argumentative sake. Also: Irony.

    • ashlee

      If you have such a strong opinion on the Chive repeating things seen all over the internet then why do you come to the Chive and read the posts?

    • tipsy

      No, ur gay

    • Look at me!

      Thanks Captain Pointless, for that remarkably useless segment of rambling.

    • Mr. Grin

      Your opinion is stated though highly unneeded. It was best kept to yourself rather than posted in an attempt to rile the masses. I hope you are self aware enough to realize that any self worth gained from posting here and getting people to respond is all in passing as more galleries are put up and your comment is pushed further into obscurity along with your opinion. I hope for the best for you, have a good day.

  • myself

    Interesting that there was quite a shift in quality of his work at age 9. For some probably stupid reason, I expected a much more gradual increase in quality.

    • sparky

      I agree. It's like a lightbulb turned on around age 9. Same thing must have happened when he started drinking at 21. He became enlightened and began painting in color again like he recaptured his childhood imagination.

    • bzzzzzzz

      I seem to remember reading something about fine-tuned motor skills solidifying in children between ages 9-12, so he probably got a lot better at making small movements with the pencils. (I think I read that's why they wait until around 3rd grade to teach cursive. If they even still do that, these days…).

      His physical development for drawing-specific skills probably kicked in around then, with an early jump on the process with all the drawing practice.

  • Lilz

    I am 21 years old and I can only draw as good as when he was two. I feel ashamed #2

    • Imphisisis

      But you're probably employable.

  • Iggy pop

    That person drew better than me when he was 11 :-/

    • zTom

      Not bad, I threw the towel at the age 9 level. : )

  • katastrophe89

    I love the movement in #19. And I've totally seen #22 before how crazy

    • Shawn

      these are my 2 favorite. friggin awesome.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #3 – still better than what i can draw. and ninja turtles fucking rule!!

  • martin

    What was he doing when he was 12 and 21?

    • Baker

      Drugs. Lots of drugs.

    • Punchy McToughguy

      At 12 he discovered masturbation. At 21 he discovered booze. Did I really have to explain that?

    • HUH?

      i think at 21 he met a girl, and by 22 she was gone, notice how his art changed? got kinda sad and depressing. still good though.

  • Silverstone

    Quite an improvement in technique between ages 9 and 11.

    • yamoms

      he must have gone to art camp for two summers

  • Secretly hate my job

    I'm pretty sure we all know what he was doing when he was 21

  • dave

    #21 thats awfully badass

  • Matthew

    Holy talent, Batman!!!!

  • HickoryHeel01

    The most interesting thing (to me) is that he had an idea at age five that he wanted to be an artist. I think I wanted to be a pro football player or a race car driver when I was five. It didn't happen. It's beneficial when young folks figure out what their dreams are at an early age and then stick with it.

  • Jack

    Leave reddit to the pedos and losers

  • GregoryTH

    #13 was my favorite…cool stuff!

  • joe

    Very cool. I especially like #17 #20 and #21

  • Captain Thursday

    Very cool, inspired by Rico Tomaso "Matador"

  • tv_paul

    His parents refrigerator must be worth a fortune by now.

  • LadieDragonfli

    i see chive shirts in our future…

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #19 #20 #22 Holy shit

  • Randomchiver

    #7 Did that dog just pull a switchblade?!

    • HUH?

      if by 'swithchblade' you mean 'boner', i think thats a yes. i know that supposed to be his back foot, but c'mon.

  • Grewsome

    Its really an interesting and fun analysis–he goes from impressionism (which is the best way to describe drawings by children) to literalism by age 16, and then once he masters drawing what he sees, he becomes more "artistic" in his expression an ends up back at impressionism. The circle is complete.

  • TucsonPhil


  • scjr

    #20 no age 21…out getting wasted!

  • coop

    awesome he surpassed my talent level at age 8…

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