Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Red

    #29 The Chive community loves you girl!

  • jai

    #45 please find this bay area beauty!!! we need MOAR!!! #49 thanks, Anna! keep sending MOAR!!!

  • doug

    #47 …..No

  • OhioChiver

    #49 An encore like no other. Well done Anna. And thanks for , well, just being you. 😉

  • DarthBile


    What a beautiful smile. I think she should be a teeth model. Lord help me!

  • fng

    #7 What the hell is that????? #37 Holy shit, god damn, and all the other dirty things that are going though my head right now!

    • Breeny

      The Rancor

  • Brent

    #44 #45

  • https://www.facebook.com/laura.floranorna Laura Botting

    #16 …if only childbirth was that easy! really love those photos though 🙂

  • squiggy

    Sadly, shortly after this photo was taken, the young man woke up and realized the warm liquid he was in in his dream was just his drool.

  • sparky

    #40 hmm…I think I need to see them just to be sure.

  • Vroom

    #45 totally changed my opinion on the DAR this afternoon. MOAR!!!!

  • jared

    #44 Hate the giants take that off right now

  • OKChiver

    #8 Incredibly smart and creative, although his attention to detail is apparently not that good. Unless you really want to be a copywriter – you only need to put it once in your list of "ingredients." Still really cool though.

    • DubleDex

      I was going to make the same comment. At least he didn't put "editing" or "proofreading" – that would've been a bit more embarrassing. Most of the time, these sort of gimmicky resumes don't work, but this one is pretty well done. Although the "work ethic – 110%" made me roll my eyes a bit.

  • http://twitter.com/MeanzRock @MeanzRock

    #23 probably because there was no way that foot fit in your shoe.

  • justin

    #45 sooo hot.

  • Landon


    Not to be that guy, but Brazil may not be the best country to base a criminal justice system around

    • zTom

      This is still a pretty good idea. Curing stupid can lower some crimes.

  • Brad

    #21 looks like Huntington HS, NY –

  • http://twitter.com/MeanzRock @MeanzRock

    #45 WARRIORS…come out and plaaaayyyy

  • NahIAIntTHeDaddy

    Does anyone else come to look at Daily Afternoon Randomness to find Random hot bitches like #37

  • Tom

    #44 Yes they are

  • Liam

    #37 and spelling proelms but I'll let you off 😉

  • Chris

    #32 wins today.

  • LowCal

    You shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to massage that aching back, #37. Gorgeous pic's. KCCO!

  • J.R. Palmer

    #1 YOU"RE DOING IT RIGHT!! make your 4 fathers proud my son GOOOOO

  • Prettyswellguy

    is it normal to re-post so much?

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