Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Jill

    #37 … Top picture you don't have a ring, bottom one you do… if you're not married or engaged give me a call

    • Rick

      ya for realz! what's up with dat? -_-

  • Leigh

    #8 awesome
    #19 ❤ it

  • Flash

    #24 Lake Louise!

    • BallzMcGee

      Kinda looks like Kicking Horse to me! Who cares, find her!

      • Jammers

        definitely lake louise! but yes i agree!

  • NorCalbro88

    #44 reveal yourself now!!!
    We need MOAR NORCAL chivettes!!!

    Who's #37?! Must find her!!!!

  • txchiver

    I would like to see a Chive office harlem shake. Can this please happen?

  • DannoTheManno88
    • Catlover

      You really don't have to make your own DAR. There will be another one tomorrow, likely with all these same images. javascript:insertSmileyReply(";)");

  • the octagon

    #11 please be from portland! please be from portland!

  • gregsuarez

    No such thing.

  • http://twitter.com/Paulie315 @Paulie315

    #37. Mother of god. MOAR !!!

  • Rick

    #37 and with those thighs, you gotta have a cute tush! MOAR!!!! and some of dat tush too! xD~

  • Nick

    #37 life is not fair.

  • zgl

    #24 – shes a cutie patootie!
    #49 – dang!!!

  • TBaker

    #37 And I have future carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Alabaster Shagnasty

    #1 With the bubbles, none of those girls can tell he's fapping either.
    #37 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Thank you for the smile.

  • thomas

    I miss you too, Anna. #49

  • Matt

    # 11 keep sending in those pics.

  • Dorge

    #1 Like a Boss!

  • http://twitter.com/driskellmitch @driskellmitch

    #25 Manti Te'o really slimmed down

  • Matt

    #32 Will you Murray Me?

  • Maynard B.

    #1 Calculus anyone?

  • thederwood

    #37, oh yes, MOAR! #44, #45 Giants seems redundant. I'd like to see the rest of this exquisite creature!

  • wyocowgirl

    #30 way to represent our rodeo community!!!

  • Baroni06

    #44 Yes, I will have all of that. BIG GIANTS FAN! Let's do it again in 2013 baby!!

  • alfred

    #44 please find this Giants fan

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