Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • Truth

    #35 Nicolas Cage is the best actor ever. All other actors are under-acting.

    • Shawn


    • Malric the true king

      He does his job to the nth degree based on how much they pay him. This of course means CGI t-rex cage these days

    • Hans Olo

      But does it have the key element of any Cage movie: i.e. all the dialogue is either whispered or screamed?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #25 guy has titanium balls and a lot of talent

    • Goldmember

      And for some reason, he did not win?!

      • Stumeister

        If he didn't win, he should retire now, because after that I can't what else he can pull from the top draw

    • lame

      thanks for your service

  • sniper

    #19 Blond

    • The Dude


      • Bubba


    • Kiki

      Your killing us TS! What kind of role model do you think your? I'm sick of all you're bullshit!

      • Garret

        I see what you did there.

    • Steve

      I would let her write a song about me any day. Ohhh wait she already did.

    • Mike Hunt

      you're forgiven; let's get nakid.

    • Cotton

      She doesn't need to know how to spell, she just needs to know where the kitchen, laundry and bedroom is.

  • craig

    #15 Stayed at that photo till I got too hungry

    • Gav

      must find!

      • Giblets

        Indeed, need lots more pics of her.

    • WildCardBitches

      Make sure she knows she's on chive

    • Jay

      Looks like a cardboard cutout to me. Can't believe management would allow it, not to send your boner into the ground or anything…

      • Bob Barker

        Bikini and lingerie coffee huts/stores are real. Management doesn't just allow it, they encourage it. Better draw for customers than a skinny, low-fat, double espresso mochachino. I don't know if it's a growing trend or not. There's even been at least one topless place.

      • Nerfherder

        Dude, I have Twin Peaks Coffee, Java Jugs and Cowgirl Coffee all within a quarter mile of on another. Come to Seattle for a day and you'll see they're not cardboard at all. Sadly, there's a direct correlation between clothing content and quality of coffee – not in a good way.

        • SwampDonkey

          Guess I need to make a trip to Seattle!

        • DrGarnicus

          All those names rock!

    • FoolOfATook

      I would buy coffee there every day too.

      I hate coffee.

    • Kiki

      Oh my… So hot, must find

    • Wood

      What city?

      • Robert

        They're all over the Seattle area, they're called Bikini Barristas. There was a big scandal a couple of years ago, where the girls were flashing their bits to the customers for tips, making them drive-thru strip joints. Turned out one was right next to a school, so they were almost outlawed.

    • Slate Stone

      WTF?!?!?! why the hell don't we have these in Texas?!? (where the real cowgirls are)

      • tpridd

        Ooo la latte in Lubbock.

    • James C

      Find her and get MOAR!

    • Tim

      Try a vietnamese coffee shop, even more entertaining.

  • MattKL

    #10 So close!

    • smoochi


    • Hunter

      Title IX at work!!!

  • Big Dave

    #15 Must see moar!

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #17 Props for the badass dinosaur battle

    • Jeff

      Thanks ! (I am the artist)

  • http://twitter.com/BillyWessels @BillyWessels

    #5 What a smug bitch.

  • A2_tha_MFK

    #1 Is that a Ford Exploder in your driveway?

    • EZEE

      No, it's a Saturn Vueezee

  • Anonymous

    #21 beast of a man.

    • Not Me

      Dosen't forget Leg Day

  • chiver31

    #15 Find this place now!!

  • LoveRedHead

    HOT DAMN!!! I Would probably get a caffeine overdose for going there too much in one day..

  • Horus

    # 15

    I would buy coffee there to and I don't even drink it!

    Quick Find Her! Is she Leah, Angela or Katie?!

  • Dev23

    Wow, please find, please find restaurant too

    • Silverstone

      Yeah, what Dev said….times ten!

    • Kyle

      Where is this place??!?!???!!

  • HiddenLevel

    #31 Finally, Toy Story 4 has a teaser trailer!

    • Dave Lee


    • Robbi

      Oh gta, your Mods are hilarious

  • Jon

    #15 in Seattle? Those bikini stands are the shit son. If she's a chivette she needs to post moar.

  • Thomas

    I always stay up to see this and dear Bill Fucking Murray yes please!

  • Ryan

    I hate to be the first to ask…but what's happening in #6 that I'm not seeing?

    • HiddenLevel

      all those upside down glasses have water in them making the poor sob who has to move them more than likely going to get bath.

      • Chan

        It's the prank you prank yourself with!

  • Ron

    #16 What the? How the?

    • halfsmoke00

      In Russia ups push you.

      • Fortune Teller


    • Kiki

      It's Chuck Norris! That sneaky bastard thought he could go to Russia, dress like them & fool us! Ha

      • odb

        These facts got old once I figured out that the real Chuck Norris is actually a huge dick.

        • Nunchucks Norris


    • Matt

      Most of his feet are in the ground. Still pretty impressive.

  • elder

    #15 we need more places like this

  • rosszip

    That right there folks, is where the Titanic met its end.

    The WNBA has always been praised for skill of its athletes.

    • John

      #10 In her defense, she sneezed. And in the WNBA's defense, it's college.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #15 – i think we all stopped at this pic. i think it's this place. –> @cowgirlsxpresso

    #29 – that is pretty fucking epic.

    • Mitch at the urinal

      I've seen the ice sculpture, it's here at Winterlude. It's absolutely towering, but the picture doesn't show the face-hugger eggs that were sitting around it. 😛

  • usually-censored

    How I'd love to be #19's flavor of the month. I'd put it in her ass just so she writes a song about me.

  • Doc

    #15 MOAR!

  • RealTalk16

    #21 Fully capable guys at my gym dont even do leg workouts. good work!

    • enbee

      i don't understand your comment. this guy looks fully capable to me.

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