Proudly Presenting… Colorado Chivette (20 HQ Photos)

At the University of Colorado Boulder, Anna Smith's nickname is Anna Banana, she likes the nickname but hates bananas. Go figure. If there's one important thing you need to know about the girl aside from her perfectly statuesque frame, it's that she fucking loves waffles. Like, a lot.

Anna's an actual rock climber and after the photo above hit the Friday DAR a few weeks ago, my inbox flooded with MOAR requests. And MOAR you shall have...

Anna's Instagram.

We’ll miss you here at theCHIVE, Anna. We had a blast.

Anna’s Instagram.

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  • Will


    Sweet baby Jeebus YES

    • Bens

      Many many Moar of these please

    • Walla

      I found another one hidden here:

      You are welcome

      • Raffy

        thank you good sir!

        • puhleeeezze

          they took that shit down… have a copy to link!?!?

    • AllanA


    • Uncle Leroy

      I'm not that impressed….

    • SwampDonkey

      Damn I'm kind of speechless! I think the fappasorous is chasing me!

    • d.c.

      That may be the most fantastic gif in the history of gif's and quite the reason to bring back THINGS THAT BOUNCE THURSDAY!!!!

    • Vomit

      Bring back Things That Bounce!

    • AyeAye

      That hip thrust at the end is killer. Smokin' sexy, chivette.

      • Gabriel

        Please, we need a HD of that Gif!!!

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #5 that's a 'Rock Hard' ass…Honnald would be proud.And in the Kitchen!!! Damn.

    • _LG

      She has got to be the best COTW in a long, long time. She is breathtaking from head to toe, and the innocence of #5 is enchanting.

    • rudebuttrue

      Anna I want you to meet my banana

    • Cotton

      I'd probably give my second and third nutt to have her cooking me breakfast

  • Danny M.

    #3, #4

    Didn't see that coming. You lucky bastards

    • myles

      rock climber she,s four foot of the ground

      • anyabluenote

        I think Danny meant how hot her face is

  • GeauxNation

    Holy Shit #19

    • Baxpin

      In other news, plane ticket purchases to Colorado jumped 300% today.

  • Matt

    I love you.

  • fred

    #10 lucky guy!

    • Jokey

      totally okay with her being a spitter!

  • Texas

    I could pick so many… Lets start with #19. Yes, I like 19.

  • gyu


  • bigyawns


    • DEL


    • blue_bronco

      John looks like a real dick. Gut feeling

      • DickinaBox

        Im sure you have a vast array of knowledge of Dicks, mostly in and around your mouth…

    • john

      they were delicious

      • Cotton

        Delicious hey…so you got a taste???

  • Baxter


    I remember seeing her in the DAR, you just knew she was going to punch her ticket to the Chive Offices. Well done.

  • moar


  • linkx

    #19 that's what dreams are made of

    • abakala

      So baby dry your eyes.
      Save all the tears you cried.
      Oh, that's what dreams are made of.

      • tralfaz

        OK, now I gotta break out 5150 again.

    • fact checker

      a soggy dream come true

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #6 this is the epitome of happiness bacon and one hot babe cooking it

    • PDiddily420

      And a brunette…Ron Swanson approved!

    • halfsmoke00

      The stove isnt even on and the bacon is still sizzling.

  • tv_paul

    #17 Those look like Grand Tetons to me!

    • Oilfieldtrash76

      Sure, if the Tetons were mole-hills.

    • Geography Wiz

      Or if the Tetons were in Colorado

    • Seuss


    • c'mom man

      know your geography

  • Dan

    Looks like I'm driving to Boulder today; it's only an hour and a half North…

    • Mike

      More like 2 and a half today.

      • Wesley Perry

        Can we all carpool!?

        • Skermitt

          I'm in!

    • Apol

      It only took me 5 seconds to go North

  • sfb101

    #6 I'll make the waffles for you.
    #10 Severs you right John!

    • 650

      something about severing a johnson?

  • xBigBossx

    #10 lol party foul, but who cares, she's gorgeous

    • dedubs

      She can spit on my face anytime.

      • dedubs

        Or sit on.

    • Captain Obvious

      You guys do know that was a bit, right?

  • hippyj

    #10 Hilarious
    #19 AMAZING Thanks for sharing ❤

  • Bruins Chiver

    #19 allllll day

  • Notjealous

    #13 No, i totally do not envy your job at all!

    (yes i do)

    • Jealous

      I work in the wrong office!!!

  • Epitomizer

    #8 #13 #19 Out-Fucking-Standing!


    #3 Goodness.. Mother of Chive.. I need her in my life.

  • tommy boy

    #15, release arms……now.

  • CorbinKeith

    Ive never had my jaw drop and mouth stay open for an entire post before. I am absolutely, positively in love. #17 like seriously how fun does she look?!!! God Bless you Chive for giving us MOAR because I could never get enough.

  • MissChris

    #5 Really cute butt! I would love to wake up to the lovely Anna Banana making me breakfast 🙂

    • Will

      Aren't you a chick? Even if so, I don't blame you.

    • Notknowing

      What guy wouldn't?

      • Irks

        Lmao that was hilarious well done

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