• @Tru2TheFew


  • bigD

    WTF is with a 30 second commercial for a 37 second video?

  • dub

    That was really funny, it just sucks that I had to sit through so much Taylor Swift.

  • Simen Bergh von Aase

    Who the f**k crops the video like this and thinks it looks professional!!!!

  • lilliec

    oh thank you so much. my computer is covered with tea. worth it

  • cbMO

    she knew ewe were trouble when ewe walked in…..

  • twoedges

    That's no fair to give the goat such a crappy back-up singer

  • Bryce

    God dammit Bob…

  • DannoTheManno88

    I like this version best

  • Keith_D

    I just shat meself. Thanks, Chive!

  • Manny Loya

    Thats a good one. good post.

  • VIDEO: Remember The Screaming Human Goats? Add Taylor Swift To The Mix! « Country Music News, Artists, Interviews – US99.5

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  • Reed Clarke

    I like the part at 0:30

  • skylar

    Might be the best post ever. I'm in tears.

  • Crusty Buzzard

    Ok, that was stupid….

  • amakay


  • ericsyn

    What an improvement! Taylor Swift has been taking voice lessons!

  • Thror

    Fake. That goat is clearly autotuned. It's a well-known fact that Taylor Swift only uses professionally-trained goats.

  • Canucks_Rule

    last 10 secs saved this vid bob. well done.

    had no idea this was a swift song. so happy i don't listen to the radio.

  • Cute outfits ideas

    i like your site this is awesome. great collection of videos

  • JackieMoon

    Damnnnnnn Taylor is looking good at :33…. What I wouldn't do to get with that

  • Jim Cochran

    I don't think that this is what Taylor wanted when she said she wanted kids.

  • Santa

    So that's who Taylor swift is …

  • K-9

    Not too baaaaaaad.

  • @MusicChic_92

    cant. stop. laughing.

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