• PT01

    Here is a better more talented goat

  • aga

    Hahahha this is fantastic

  • VIDEO: Remember The Screaming Human Goats? Add Taylor Swift To The Mix! | Drew Walker dot com

    […] Enjoy the video HERE! […]

  • agilgrist

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  • meat

    This is the original video right? Nothing wrong here. Sounds like she always has.

  • WikiForce

    her music is awesome, i hate lady gaga.

  • Bent Stick

    Funny as shit!!!! Taylor swift is a crazy stalker chick….. If you want to here an awesome version of this song you tube Walk off the Earth…..

  • Jreef

    way to ruin a great song

  • Nat

    This one is better!


    Please find MOAR of the goat.

  • @watdotheycallme

    This is a rip off here is the good one

  • Bryan

    It hurts soooooo bad ! I cant stop laughing! Not what i expected! Totally epic!

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