• Dwill337

    Still found a way to fap to this post

  • nope

    this makes me hate white people. and i am white. it also makes me think about mitt romney's sons. that is all.

  • mike


  • olgreybush

    oh wow they made a put directly lined up very skillful good job guys

  • Brads

    Khaki Kings

  • Seattlechiver

    Funny how the guy who is last and has to make arguable the hardest shot celebrates the least….

    • Derek

      he ran by the camera at the end clinching his fist. celebration? nah your right just an act of modesty

  • Jeremy Cox

    And now they'll celebrate by sitting in the clubhouse buying drinks with their parents' money and complaining about poor people needing to get off their ass and get a job.

  • Logan

    How was the title of this video not "9 Guys 1 Cup"?

  • Tap It In

    Thats your home are you to good for your home ANSWER ME suck my white ass ball! lol

  • Eric

    A day well spent protecting their virginity.

  • Guest

    9 Guys 1 Cup

  • ilm

    Would've been a lot more impressive if 9 guys shot 1 ball into 9 holes

  • the patriot

    It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole! IT'S IN THE HOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    fucking Chalkies. I hate white people

  • http://AWDzVY Ghana


  • Humper

    Hump 'em Humpers! I am a proud Campbell university grad but the golfers on campus were the biggest douches. Go Camels!

  • Brazzer


  • Canucks_Rule

    porno metaphor?

  • http://aparesido.com.br/curiosidades/9-golfistas-encacapando-9-bolas-ao-mesmo-tempo 9 golfistas encaçapando 9 bolas AO MESMO TEMPO! | ApareSido

    […] no Chive, pra […]

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