Best photos of the week (70 Photos)

  • Big Dave

    J. Lo really?

    • odb

      These pretzels are making me firsty.

      • hudsong84


        • Noodles

          THESE pretzels, are making ME thirsty!

  • Slim Jim

    i think #31 wins it for me

    • whoami

      She definetly wins for parts of me

    • Malfeasor


      Yea….I'm different now.

    • Ballistik

      Oh yes, she wins it for the year so far!

  • Wacko30

    #11 and #48 are pure perfection

    • AyeAye

      Anna is the new goddess. hip thrust, hip thrust.

  • vince


  • Chad

    Almost felt like a Hump day post!

  • Jackrabbit101


    • slim

      Never, let me repeat that, NEVER, use some b.s internet meme come at me bro crap during anything that deals with Ali. You shame yourself and we all laugh at you, not with you. Also, im not mad, i just feel very sad for you at the moment.

      • MylesofStyles

        #62 COME AT ME BRO

      • suchacooldude

        man o man, those cool pills you take work great…

  • voltrade

    good photos of week

    • Will

      I don't know why you're getting downvotes. Upvote for you

  • muddles


    • Phalkon

      Thats Fenny's ass.. and it is good!

  • el profe

    Who is #7?

    • Charlie

      Barbara Palvin, Hungarian fashion model.

    • Holmespump

      Barbara Palvin

      • MonkeyMadness

        Are you sure it's not Barbara Palvin?

        • Bret McKenzie

          Her name was Brabara

          • Jef

            He flight of the concords

    • Doojbaeg

      Find her!!

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #11 #31 I'll see you ladies next Wednesday

  • freezer boy

    #15,#18,#21,#31 yeeeowza!

    • Atl

      #18 is also a Brazilian girl – she was considered the most beautiful behind of world back in 2008, her name is Melanie Fronckowiack.

  • stpedestrian

    #60 is just amazing…wow.

    • Sirwally

      She is wish we could get a whole body shot.

    • andulamb

      Isn't it great when we get to see a woman's actual skin, and not Photoshopped approximation of skin?

    • andulamb

      As for that heart thing… We get it, you can make a heart shape with your fingers. Yes, it's very creative. Except you didn't invent it, so it's not. Look, I can make a bird shape out of my hands. And a dog. But I don't, because why? Just stop already. Love something? Blow a kiss, mouth "I love it" or whatever. Stop with the heart thing already. Except for this chick. She can do whatever she wants.

  • Masan Galk

    #49 is in big sur, california!

    • melanie5000

      I love Big Sur. Such a beautiful place.

      • Bear

        Now kiss…

  • lloyd c.

    #11, I just got that old fashioned romantic feeling where I'd do anything to bone her.

    • Harry

      That's a special feeling

  • freezer boy

    #69 nice!

  • crazydave

    she's cute and everything, but Colorado chivette is nothing more than a typical Boulder pothead. Too bad.

    • tarted

      i'd give her something to puff on, baleedat.

    • Huh?

      There's nothing typical about beauty. Go back to school, son.

  • hudsong84

    #21 makes my briefs get tighter….wait…its a boner.

    • @jimmybryant13

      looks like spunk glued her down to the floor, gotta love bryci

    • Robert


    • Cynical Soothsayer

      Google Bryci…she's totally not a whore

  • OverWorked

    Find her Chive, you're the only one who can!!

    • Mahf

      Dani daniels

    • tony

      Is it weird that I can identify a "First Time Video" Photo by the picture-quality in less than a half second?

  • Pfizzle

    #4 great googly moogly.

    • Atl

      #4 is a Brazilian girl – Maira Cardi (really beautiful)

      The most gorgeous women of world are in Brazil, I luv my country!!!

    • jimboslice

      That thang is juicy!

  • db3300

    #22 Bill? Bill S. Preston, Esquire?

    • George

      Yes, I believe that is Alex Winter from the 1980's

    • Caleb

      Fairly certain that finger's intended for his career….

  • James Harris

    #11, #18, #31….DAYUM. i want moar of them all!!

  • Doe

    Really happy #18 and #31 made another appearance this week

  • NorCaliChiver1

    #29 with the stallion…come to me please…right meow!! Call me? I ride 🙂

    • NorCaliChiver1

      Oops I meant #27. Fail.

  • Tyler P

    #4 #11 #48

    My weekend can finally begin

  • bearbacques

    #15 #39 #47
    ….$|Uts! Guess your parents didnt raise you right or you dont give a crap about your parents or yourself!

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