It’s almost the weekend and I just DGAF (45 Photos)

  • Tyler

    #21 Says the slave owner.

    • Stick

      Jefferson was the shit. You cannot fault him for that anymore you can fault someone for smoking in the 19th century

    • Wolfmane

      We're all transitory products of our time. It's our ideas that transcend our regressions and live on.

  • tommmy

    #44 NO MERCY

  • sfb101

    #7 Well put!
    #20 Bet those are some stiff nips.
    #36 Sex the 5th element…

  • tv_paul

    #25 I wonder if he used that same logic on bedding these women.

  • Yak Surfer

    #39 Definetly need more guac and salsa….and another beer.

  • Uncle Leroy

    Why don't I STRETCH out!!!!!!

  • dave

    #20 perfect snow angel

  • Stick

    #17 This is how beaches work in First World countries, I have no clue why here in the States everyone is up in arms.
    In NY, it's legal for a woman to be topless anywhere a man is, but rarely does anyone take advantage of it, because there'd be a shitstorm.

  • blue_bronco

    Where the hell is this? I do give a fuck

  • SpotJohnny

    #28 School Bus Approaching… Sex Offender in 5…4…3…2…1…

  • MattKL

    #31 This.

  • Seriously

    #19 is one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

    • Ezio

      Isn't that the slogan from the Assassins Creed series? Doesn't sound nearly as cool coming from a zebra

  • Edward

    #16 Streets Ahead

  • Slim Jim

    call bullshit on #41, way too clean.

    • boldspoo

      The hand positions are reversed, the guy would have to have been leaning way over for his hands to be behind hers – but the she'd also have to be leaning way back to allow it.

  • LeftFlasherOn

    #44 Let's see, are my keys here?

  • von Mises

    #21 Amen TJ. Tell that to liberals who want to take away our 2nd amendment rights, 20 ounce cokes, and any other thing they think they can control, "for our safety". The Nazis and Russians did things for their citizens' "safety" too. How did that turn out?

    • @angryprof13

      Unfortunately there are many we can't ask which they would prefer, because they payed for these dangerous freedoms with their lives. Food for thought.

      • Tom

        maybe we should treat it as something worth giving there lives for. So many don't.

  • TXCherokee

    #28 With that school bus in the background, I hope he gets used to being a registered sex offender.

  • snapKRACKELpop

    #9 scootch over, there's room for 2 on my long board!

  • FunKiller

    #40 Wins this post for personal reasons.

  • Zee705

    #36 Need in HQ

  • Skrewed

    #41 Head on the Hood! Nicely Done!

  • hippyj

    #20 #35 HAPPY FRIDAY Thanks for sharing

  • bz1

    #20 MOAR! Find her!

  • WmShip

    #45 Melanie and Lisa make the whole world bounce, and now I need another shower.

  • Dave

    Fucking yes, #7.

    KCCO from Boston!

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