So there’s gonna’ be an afterparty in Atlanta at Churchills!

church lead So theres gonna be an afterparty in Atlanta at Churchills!

All the Chivers have arrived in Atlanta. We’re in a hotel right now drinking and there’s a good vibe going on. Patty has already switched to bourbon.

Tickets to the official ATL meetup sold out in minutes and we know a lot of people weren’t fast enough on the trigger. We’re going to head over to Churchills British Pub, Buckhead tonight around 11pm for an afterparty. So if you missed out, this is your chance to raise a glass with everybody. Come as you are, no tickets needed.

We’ll see the rest of you tonight at the official meetup!

* If Patty doesn’t make it, don’t be surprised.

* Has anybody seen Mac? Please return him. Or don’t.

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