Successful construction for the visually impaired (39 Photos)

Let’s face it, construction isn’t for everybody.

  • flyemlow

    #34, #36

    You guys have become the masters of reposting the same shitty pics. Only seen these 2 about five times now. Turning into a bunch of slackers at Chive central. Your fame and fortune has made you lazy

  • MattKL

    #8 is obviously in Germany.

    • testudo321

      Okie-dokie !

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  • Tyler P


    The bowel evacuating level of fear for the person who accidentally walks out one of those doors.

  • Roadiepig

    #20 and #27 are from Chernobyl. Trees have grown up through buildings and other areas due to the area being abandoned after the nuclear disaster back in 1986. I guess they work here is you can make the leap to the stupid construction of that failed power plant…

    • mic

      #27 was not from Chernobyl. Its from Cincinnati Ohio. So its pretty damn funny!

  • TheHolmes

    You have to ask yourself "How did someone actually allow this to happen?" The level of DGAF is unreal. I also would expect some of these to be in the US or Canada. If so, the answer is simple: The union workers are lazy assholes who just do what the spec says and don't bother telling the designer its wrong. They get paid either way. "Not in my job description". Assholes.

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  • curmudgeon

    Not visually impaired. Just union workmanship at it's best.

  • Roge

    #17 Whoever took this photo should be featured in the next Darwin's Exceptions post. What a douchebag.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – umm, hello?

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