• Troy Barnes

    Maybe you guys should take some of that charity money and start donating it to the artists and creators you rip off every single day.

    All you have to do is embed via YouTube to give people like this credit for their videos, but instead you host them to make the content "stickier" for TheChive. Every other site on the web does it. Stop being lame.

    • That guy...

      I'm pretty sure that dad doesn't give a shit him and his daughter just having a good time didn't get credited on someones website. So many people worried about youtube fame it's disgusting.. Obviously you have to sort out your priorities..

      • Davis

        Maybe he doesn't, but I went to his youtube account and apparently he's an actor who's done some commercial work. Seems like exactly the kind of person who could benefit from some name recognition.

    • Abed

      Cool. cool cool cool.

      • Evil Abed

        Cruel. cruel cruel cruel.

    • No coffee yet today

      If they took the time to find out where every piece of Internet memorabilia came from, we would only have a post once a week. Get over it. We only want happy people on the chive.

      • Davis

        Took me a few minutes, and that was without the benefit of knowing where they got it in the first place. Moreover, The Chive could embed the videos directly from youtube so the content creators could, when possible, receive the ad revenue it produces.

        How much time does it take to rip the videos from youtube and upload it to their own low resolution, watermarked, ad-generating video player? Why do it at all?

        I like The Chive and I like what The Chive represents (KCCO!), but what they're doing is the exact opposite of that philosophy. You don't have to attribute credit to every single photo and meme, but when your entire post consists of one video, or if you are featuring artwork that took months to produce, the decent thing to do is give some attribution because it's not about our personal happiness but the happiness we can give to others.

        • Troy Barnes

          Exactly. When it comes to video, it's actually WAY more work to not give credit. You have to go out of your way to do what TheChive does.

          • wordup

            True baby true… in the spirit of "giving back" the chive takes these videos and embeds them in their own player for advertising views and play count/page views. Has always been incredibly inconsistent and disappointing… I am a fan of this site this one particular habit with video always bugs me.

        • No coffee yet today

          I can see where you're coming from. We just don't need negativity crawling around here. Like you said though, it only took a few minutes. If people like it enough, they'll find it's origin pretty easily if its a video. I was under the impression the guy wanted sources for everything.

    • Lee Boykin

      I may be jinxing this, but did we just have a civilized discussion on the internet?

      • MylesofStyles

        Your mom is a civilized discussion on the internet.

        • Matty


        • YourMom


    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.schwarck.9 Matt Schwarck

      Troy, suck it.

  • Seriously

    Stop posting shit about "cute" kids.

    We don't give a fuck

    • zTom

      No, this could only have been better by the addition of CATS.

    • Brad

      You're dead inside. This is the cutest damn thing I've ever seen.

    • Guest

      It's sad that so many "chivers" don't know what it really means. Perhaps the best alternative for them is to just go to the porn sites to view what they desire. "Chive" means to enjoy life, in all aspects. Now, either "chive on" or GTFO.

      • Chiver

        "Chive on or GTFO"? That doesn't sound very "Chive" of you to say

        • Riley Freeman

          He could have just simply said "GTFO." Instead he opted for the recipient to have a choice in the matter.

          • No coffee yet today

            Agreed. Too many people are negative on comment boards, start fights, and are snooty and argumentative. The chive is one of the few places where this happens less than most everywhere else. I want to keep it this way. Don't like it? Don't look at it. I hate McDonald's, but I don't go into their store and start telling people how much they and their food suck.

            • MylesofStyles

              You should try it. It's surprisingly easy to make people who eat at McDonald's cry.

              • No coffee yet today

                Haha awesome.

  • Canucks_Rule

    still love this song. lol.

  • Henrik

    Time well spent

  • http://beerandstupidity.blogspot.com/ BeerAndStupidity

    Man…I'm quite a heartless person, but this was meltingly adorable.

  • Tiber_Septim

    lil girl is definitely precious, very cute

  • Sarah

    Beyond adorable!

  • creatingmanu

    Precious moment, very cute. Though,… it needs more cowbell!

    • whale huntr

      That was a 'TV Paul' caliber comment….nice!

  • Mit

    Give me back my 52 seconds of life! She didn't even bump her head or eat a raw egg or sth.

  • Davis

    No, that's another channel ripping him off. His name is Jesse Teeters. The original is here:

    I agree with Troy. I like that you guys cull the internet for the best content and put it in one place but there should be some standard for attribution. For example, you guys have had several posts about hyper-realistic art and although it was as simple as doing a reverse search on Google images you didn't mention a single artist's name. You should strive to do better than that.

  • dude

    worst video ever or wve

  • Youredunb

    I like the negative comments typical Internet idiots. No one was forced to watch the video. Guy and a kid having fun relax

  • cymru Am Buth

    WHF Just stop it!

  • Calieb

    seeing as how i was addicted to the "ROFLMAO" song for a very long time…. this made my day!

  • Bion

    I guess I'll get back to work now…

  • kaorikaze

    OMG That made my day!!


  • Susie

    She did a pretty good job of raising him.

  • Crimson K-9

    Parenting. He's doing it right.

  • Kyle

    I don't think this video is chive worthy. Kinda cute, but not chive worthy. I'm a hardcore chiver but, here lately it hasn't been as awesome. My main complaint would be, please stop doing so many hot chick sections, except for hump day, burn your bra, under boob, and mind the gap, there's just too many other ones. There's millions of websites I could go to if I wanted to look at girls but I chive for the crazy stuff, like FAIL, DAR, daily morning awesomeness, ect. I'm not hating or anything , you guys rock and ill continue to chive on , I'm just wondering if anybody else agrees with me? Also, please please please get your clothing line into some kind of store chain. Everytime I attempt to buy a shirt, you're all out, and I do not and will not support the fake chive products. I hope someone from chive reads this but if not, everybody please help me push these ideas.

    • Chiver

      The whole point of TheChive shirts being so scarce is for the value. the shirts or merchandise in general wouldn't be what it is without the lesser supply of the product. They're working the market like they should be Supply vs. Demand and the demand is VERY HIGH. Keeping the supply down is a necessary thing otherwise everyone will get one and what will they have to sell? NO MORE SHIT

  • http://twitter.com/wlross3 @wlross3

    Troy Barnes and Davis nailed it. Credit where credit is due ladies and gentlemen. Not that difficult to accomplish.

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