• Nice


    • DJG

      He called the shit poop!

  • sfb101

    2:30 WTF!?!

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    I would like to purchase the parrot, what's with the ginger spreading ice cream on his face?

  • Razzle Dazzle

    I want my time back

  • Jabbasapp

    Can I please get my 11 minutes back?

    • thechevron

      congratulations for lasting 11 minutes

  • FunKiller


  • Skieur

    What am I doing with my life?

  • Wasted

    I didn't make it through the video……It's just too stupid.

    • Jay

      About 1 minute in, and I am closing it out. Try again, Chive.

  • Dan

    Is it just me or were only the unfunny ones more than 15 seconds?

  • oqsig99

    This was a joke about the funny part, right?

  • Great job!

    This was beyond awesome I laughed so hard-for your health

  • Thomas


  • Thomas

    I feel like I've been trolled.

  • TotesAwesome

    This is a 'Bob' type post.

  • Faced

    We need a new phrase like "Punked" for every time Mac posts something that says "funny" or "hilarious" in the title, but ends up sucking. hmmmmm "A-Mac-sinated" "Mac-ercised" "Mac-a-ruin" "Mac-ed in the Face!"

  • lewisnothappy

    Really? MAC! You we're stoned out of your mind when you posted this.

  • @Puudrow

    I'm glad I only watched two minutes before deciding to read the comments. I almost got "MAC-ed"!!!

  • G_Had

    The only stupid thing about this post are the ones complaining about their time being stolen. Nobody forced you to watch it. If your time is so precious why even bother stating that in a comment? You are pathetic.

    • Patrizio

      This video is garbage. Some garbage takes longer to process than others, but it's not the garbage's fault. It's your fault for getting in that world in the first place. But, imagine the large amount of time it takes to, you know, Goodfella someone. You have to find an appropriate sized rug, roll something up in it, carry it out, and place it in a dumpster where the garbage professionals both won't bat an eye at a rolled up carpet nor think that it's obviously a body in a carpet. You can't be out of the ordinary either way; it's a fine line.

      Some garbage takes 30 seconds – it's the crap that is 11 minutes long and filled with shit that makes you hate it forever

  • Euroranger

    I really need to get out and mingle with the young folk more. First they ruined the word "gay" then they flipped the word "bad" (cause it sometimes means "not bad") and now they've done something with the word "hilarious"…cause I'm apparently still operating under the old definition.

  • Jer

    Who compiled this a group of 8 year olds? Mac, I am disappointed.

  • Stu

    Not funny. Nothing

  • Greg Boggus

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I found it entertaining. All 11min grand champ!

  • Chris

    Made it to 11 minutes, but wow that was lame. The only two I actually laughed at were the Counter Strike and Ketchup video

  • tommmy

    worst thing ive ever seen on the chive

  • Craigery

    This post must have been sponsored, because there's no other reason to post it.

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