• PsY

    I made it to the 2:49 second mark before I started punching my balls to punish myself for wasting 169 seconds of my life . . .

  • Mikeisfilthy

    I don't know why nobody else liked this. I laughed my ass off lol

    • Bob

      Some were pretty funny, but for some reason I just lost it at the ketchup robot.

  • momo19256

    Come on man you can do better.

  • Austin

    That sucked.

  • Your mo.

    This ruined my afternoon. I watched so many different compilations! I thought it was pretty damn hilarious.

  • Rob

    Chive you disapoint me with putting this up, not funny, and certainly not Chive worthy!

  • TheDoctor

    MOST hilarious? We've been trolled.

  • pannychous

    The last one actually creeped me out.

  • Delliup

    I don't if this is awesome because I'm drunk or because it is awesome. Fuck David hasselfoffmm

  • Guest

    That is one amazing cock at 1:40… just saying.

  • @ErinMarieYoung

    Funny but doesn't beat the first one

  • Mudd

    Worst hilarious YouTube montage ever…

  • brock


  • jay

    I dunno why everyones complaining about lost time…. this helped kill 11 minutes while I wait for drugs

  • intercept440

    Mac that was the stupidest shit i have ever watched…etf is wrong with you?

  • Joe Smith

    I'm not mad, I'm disappointed. Come on chive, you're better than this.

  • ???

    The ending was the best of all!!!

  • Meh

    WTF Mac, this is possibly your worst post ever.. and you've posted some terrible shit.

  • chichiver

    That was the worst thing the chive has ever posted. Anyone who thinks this is funny needs a life. Sorry Mac, Worst. Selection. Ever.

  • Nic

    This was horrible. Can't believe this is on the chive. Not funny at all. Maybe it's funny for a 12 year old brain but it looks like the majority of us found this annoying.

  • Canucks_Rule

    death metal rooster ftw.

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