There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (88 Photos)

  • buster

    MOAR # 80 HOT !

  • Nick

    #69 is flawless.

  • Michael Froment

    #43 #58
    I think I love. you..

  • link

    68!!! We need MOAR

  • Chris C.J. Cutler

    #31 please come find me

    • @aBlondeBabe

      I'm not hard to be found. Trust me lol

  • Colin

    all of these chivettes are gorgeous in different ways. spectacular. thank you ladies!

  • jjj

    #47 and #56 WoW

  • slvrstreak

    soooo much win in here
    lots of gorgeous chivettes in this one

  • Josh

    #62 OSU will never beat OU

  • babaganush

    #13 don't ask why, just need moar

  • greg

    Thank you for your service!

  • uncle rico

    i'm a late but it is never too late to say #13 is a thing of beauty

  • Jimmy

    #45 Holy shit those lips

  • Owen

    #19 Definitely can get lost in those eyes.

  • SaskGreen

    #56 and #60 Moar please!

  • craig

    #50 always the hooter's fan

  • The Dude

    #30 wins it for me. MOAR please!!

    • #30

      Thank you! Already sent MOAR:)

  • CTChiver

    Wow. Just… wow. I don't think I've ever wanted MOAR so much before.

  • Taco

    #77 My god, please find this girl.

  • rosszip

    I can fell the sexual tension from here

  • MattyDeuce

    #48 I want that

    • Kaitie

      Well thank you matty!
      ❤ 48

      • MattyDeuce

        You are quite welcome. I didn't see anyone give you any love on the first page so I figured I would throw you some once I got to check out the SC this week! I think as a fit chick you embody what I find sexiest about women, because you're willing to work your ass off for something. I know I am totally sounding like a creep or whatever, but I just thought you were the most beautiful thing on here this week. 🙂

        • Kaitie Kinser

          Not creepy at all!! It's very flattering and always nice when someone recognizes hard work! So thank you very much! 🙂

  • freezer boy

    #8,#15,#30,#63 Stupendous!

  • Fal13n

    #11, #19, #29, & #31 are super cute and beautiful. MOAR pretty face pics please.

    For me, there is just something special about #68. I'd love to see MOAR from her!!

  • p1ll

    #21 needs a mind the gap COTD post

  • Dan

    #38 fo sizzle moar

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