Yoga pants aren’t a style, they’re more a way of life (50 Photos)

  • The Bandit

    #6…if they would just be a bit lower….

    • Bens

      Second time we have all drooled over this picture when is this goddess gonna give us Moar

    • Brian

      Repost this one every single time. Never gets old.

    • Tribute&Worship

      This chick is just… ungodly kind of hot.

    • Slim Jim

      how is it that nobody knows who she is?

      • Shannon Coverdale

        She's cute, But #46 is too

    • shaun

      I think you should say leave the rest for the imagination

  • J.P.

    Please sit on my face.

    • T bone

      Nice! Grandmas boy reference

  • Tiber_Septim

    #4 whoa x 4

    • Beetle

      haullin' @$$

  • Roffio

    Okay #36 has to be porn… now who is that bootylicious girl!!

    • Jimbo

      One on the left is Jynx Maze… but who the hell is the one to the right?

    • This guy

      Left is jynx maze , right is roxy raye. They like it in the alley if you know what I mean… Ur welcome

      • Alex

        Nope, one on the right is Briella Bounce.

        • Chuck

          Alex is spot on…

        • James

          You sir, are a connaisseur.

    • lawnguyland
      NSFW and you are welcome

    • A fav

      Jynx Maze, one of my fav porn stars. Very beautiful and great ass

    • radu

      She kinda looks familiar to me too ,is she a porn star ? ))

  • aaron

    #36 sweet mother of Jesus!

    • The Truth

      Porn stars. Jynx Maze and Briella Bounce…

    • Notknowing


  • Fun_ghoul

    #13. Yoga pants + whale tail = heaven 🙂

    • jason

      Beautiful body..

  • bwahaa

    Trying to think of something special to say about the beautiful girl #31
    But nothing seems to rhyme with sodomy.

    • Buddha

      How about "please have it with me"?

    • Andrew

      C'mon man! Something that beautiful deserves far better comment!

    • ISNBH

      How about, "Tucked in with class?"

    • paul


      • Menno

        i like your style Paul

  • @BillyWessels

    #50 that camera man should try and get a front shot as well. #40 I love the really tiny gap. #44 just javelined my heart.

    • jake

      Camera man did get one from the front. Its dani daniels and tthat's from one of her pornos

      • grumpy

        Thanks! Off to the Pirate Bay!

  • Stumeister

    #2 is a COMBO BREAKER – Hump, Gap, Redhaired and Awesome scenary.

    You go girl

    • Epitomizer

      You said everything I wanted to, so I'll just say thanks.

      • Ashley Ward

        Thanks Guys!

        • Epitomizer

          Oh no, thank you.

        • Epitomizer

          You need to post the one next to it on your fb page too…

          • Ashley Ward

            The one with the harry potter glasses? I submitted that one with a few others last week. The ones that made it were the yoga pants and I made the red head album last thursday as number 30. So I guess we'll see if the others make it!

            • Epitomizer

              You just keep em comin' & we'll keep admiring…

  • RealZoo

    #31 #34 #41…Nice humps. Please find #40…she's gorgeous!!!

    • Eric

      Leilani Dowding

  • Lol

    Yoga pants are like a bra for your butt

    • Brodie

      Yeah but "Burn your Yoga Pants Sundays"…hmm…nope, do it. Make it a thing 😉

  • rick t

    #40 leilani dowding #50 dani daniels (porn)

    • michaeler

      I am impressed with your ability to tell who she is from behind

  • navydudenamedjoe

    #47 great way to start my weekend

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      SO much right with that one right there…yeah, that right there…


    • OmahaDude

      I'd like to kiss the wound from the captain's harpoon on that. Mamma mia.

    • himz

      all day long!!

    • MGD

      Perfect Ass! I's also like to see the front view…

    • jason

      I agree can't better they this..

  • almost perfect

    I'd make sure all the tofu was on the bottom shelf…and have camera ready.

    • Dizzle

      If it was tofu she was looking for, her hump would be a bony mess.

  • freezer boy

    #2,#7,#9,#11,#38,#39 Wow!

  • freezer boy

    8#,#9 ,#32,#35 beautiful!


    # 27 & # 47 Oooooooooh Hells yea 👍Yoga pants are the GREATEST

    • Bion

      #27 #47

  • Brandon Schramm

    #6 great body and nice tattoo.

  • justsoyaknow

    Goddamn, i love yoga pants oosts. Thank you, Chive!

  • whyme1973

    #41 #44 #50 Hot damn I love yoga pants and these hot women that wear them!

  • Fun_ghoul

    #40. Leilani Dowding is one hot piece of AISSHHH

    • Brodie

      Thanks for the Chris Farley nostalgic moment.

  • Chris

    About a quarter of these girls do not have enough of a backyard to wear yoga pants. You need some acreage not just a treelawn.

  • Maynard B.

    #29- Gap worthy, yoga pants worthy, hump day worthy, redhead worthy. FLBP worthy? Abs worthy? Need more to find out….(hint)

    • YOYO

      Lucky Fiance

  • Sire

    #23 can even do FLBP

  • Brody

    #31 #32 #33 #34 #35 #36 #37 oh my!

    • ge-ch

      My favorite run of pix as well.

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