Yoga pants aren’t a style, they’re more a way of life (50 Photos)

  • WickR1

    #43 ZOLTAN!

  • TulsaChiver

    #17 is at 2A Shooting Center in Tulsa, OK! Find her for a Tulsa Chiver!

  • monster

    #47 #34
    Dear Santa…

  • Boomit

    Nothing beats a tight butt

  • jerrad

    #43 is paige hathaway 🙂 youre welcome. First time post btw

  • hippyj

    #6 #31 GORGEOUS THANKS for sharing

  • kyle

    #11 #34 #46 #44 #39

  • Miltownscrilla

    I will not hesitate to go where many have gone be for #36

  • Keith_D

    #8 takes it for me, without a doubt. Super cute face, and those dimples are adorable… Not to mention how good she looks in those yoga pants.

  • !!!

    #8 Plz find her!

  • 918'd that a$$

    #34 is epic, I need to see #36 walk

  • zosomike

    Can you guys quit posting models and stick to chivettes?

  • CanadianPiper

    #6 Just taken over the Chive with sexiness

  • NPD

    #30 All day every day

  • Otto

    #16 #40
    Hello there!

  • Cat

    #14 Why is she on here? There's nothing to look at. Her arms look great but she has a severe lack of ass, hips, and thighs. From the waist down she looks like a 12 year old boy! 😦

    • Andrea Ketterling

      Haha you must have major self esteem issues to attempt to cut down someone you don't even know. It's called muscle tone and fitness, makes you look younger and keeps you healthy. I can't help it that I have narrow hips, and that's probably why I have the ass of a 12 year old boy for a girl at age 20, so thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  • waltgator

    #36 #50 thank you porn babes!

  • Bob

    #8…You are gorgeous, please send more, asap.
    #36…I've always loved this picture.

  • 神威

    #43, marry me plz.
    #50 -> wow. why I never see anything like this when I go out running

  • FB_Chiver

    #21 MOARRR for a fellow chicagoin

  • tom g

    #46 and #47 are amazing. please come back soon.

  • Sammi

    #11 YOGAtta nice ass girl! I'd tap that!

    • Dani

      Thanks!!! Come get it girl 😉

  • Daniel Segovia

    There's no losers in this thread. More #40 and #43, PLEASE!

  • Ronster

    #16 Oh wow. My Lord, you are one beautiful woman. By far the best one in this entire gallery. Just. Wow.

  • Donald Busse

    #43 ZOLTAN!

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