Adult stars found in the wild (35 Photos)

Adult entertainment stars have a social life just like you and I. Who knew?

  • Trig

    How do they keep the skin on their faces and boobs looking so soft?

    • thebeefinjector

      all the cum shots they take on their faces and boobs acts like moisturizer.

  • jmonster

    #34 I'd like to pull out my firehose for those two

  • dank

    i cant recognize any of them without jizz on their face

  • tv_paul

    #23 She must be Princess Jismine

  • Prettyswellguy

    I don't recognize any of them. Would take a pass on the over tanned, over silicone, over used ladies to say the least.

    I prefer my ladies natural and in their original format.

  • mr mcg

    Who's the girl on the right in #18 and #19???

    • Thad

      #18 girl on the right might be halia hill

  • Dylan

    What a lame gallery. I don't recognize any of them. Nope. Not a single one. What is this "porn" you speak of?

  • kimoho

    I want #2, #3, & #15

  • Macro

    #6 #12 #15 This post is useless without corresponding names you search and fap to …

    • sore right wrist

      Alektra Blue
      Not sure of the girl on the left but the one in the blue is Aspen Aiden (or aiden aspen – one or the other)
      Not sure of #15

  • Kevrhutch

    I'm a little disappointed no pics of Remy LaCroix,, I love that girl!

  • socalmarti

    So much vd….

  • Macro

    #25 #28 #32 Oh Ashlynn Brooke, so hot

    • Gues

      Except #32 is Bree Olson

    • KBCool

      Love Ashlynn. Feel like she's the real life version of Elisha Cuthbert in the Girl Next Door

  • Danimal

    Sasha grey is the best. Idc how many dudes she's had…… At the same time. She's a fucking beast. No pun intended

  • tebow

    every single one of them looks way better with a dick in their mouth

  • El jefe

    Our Chivettes are way sexy than these women! 🙂


    Stock the shelves with some antibiotics! With the exception of #23 mooning Mickey, have to pass.

  • justchivin

    For starters, so few of these women are actually attractive.NONE of them are anywhere near beautiful and in fact almost half of these so called ladies belong in a WTF/female douchebag category. It's a shame we're celebrating and glorifying these classless, horrid looking creatures. What a disgrace Chive

    • luls

      Let's let your -8 points doing the talking.

  • Truth

    Filthy whores make the world go round

  • Whodat

    #2 Lexi Belle

  • snapKRACKELpop

    #11 how convenient, they left enough room for me in the middle!

  • James

    who is #33?

    • Jay

      Tory Lane

  • You Fucked Up!

    Worthless Post chive!

  • ass lover


    alektra blue

    fucking good anal bitch. she takes it balls deep. wish i could marry her

  • ffddss

    So young, so pretty … too many miles.

  • Jeff

    #17 back right of the photo: "SURPRISE BUTTSEX"

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