If there's a level beyond America's Sweetheart, Jennifer Lawrence has attained such a status. The world has fallen in love with the sexy, goofy, girl-next-door over this past year. By all accounts, Jennifer is as enchanting in real life as she is in her films. Congrats on your Best Actress Oscar nod last night, Jennifer. Very well deserved.

Check out the video below. Jennifer is giving an interview when Jack Nicholson interrupts, she’s hilariously starstruck.

  • brad

    I dont get what everybody sees in her, shes not all that

    • Craigery

      She's no Brad's mom, that's for sure!

      • brad

        Well ofcourse shes not my moms dead

        • JBbbbbb

          I guess that's why she didnt move around alot.

  • marco

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    • Craigery

      Who gives a shit? We're talking about Jennifer Lawrence.

  • justchivin

    She has an incredible body, cool personality, is an ehhh ok actress, but has a horrendous face. Dont trust a woman who doesnt know how to smile!

    • Everyone but you

      You are a fucking idiot!

  • Bob

    Beyond her sense of humor, talent, and looks, my favorite thing about her is that she thinks most of the people in Hollywood are morons.

  • pannychous

    I'm disappointed in you, Chive. How could you leave out this shoot?

  • CanadianPiper

    #7 I love you

  • MattKL


  • John Proctor

    I wanna lick her asshole.

  • VHF

    Very average and not exciting at all. Absolutely not on my free celebrity 5.

  • Jonathan Codilla
  • Kyle

    I first saw her on some low-rent sitcom about five years ago and she definitely had a star quality even back then. What a babe.

  • Dylan

    I've come back to this post about 5 times now and it never gets old. Want MOAR!!!

  • Wil

    no matter what I''m gonna be settling unless I marry Jlaw. Life's not fair

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  • Geoffrey

    She got more than an Oscar nod, she actually won…you know: nod = nomination

    Just what we need, some good ole American trailer park trash winning a best actress Oscar. Stumbling around, shouting expletives, flipping off photographers, slamming shots before press calls…if she had only worn a wife beater and exposed thong, shotgunned a bud and yelled "Yeeeee Hawwww" after winning, she'd have been the complete trailer park queen.

  • Anastasia

    She seems so down to Earth. Quite literally, after that fall, but in all seriousness, I wish that she were my best friend.

  • Jillian

    I didn't think I was a lesbian until now…

  • Suri

    I'm in love.

  • SoCal Chiver

    I just….love you….

  • @meowzamere

    Louisville proud!!! ❤

  • @SoCalChiver

    #23 #7 natural beauty with a pint of attitude

  • mikey mac

    Absolutely hideous. Check her out without makeup guys.

  • WantToBeHer

    She is simply amazing.

  • babaganush

    I'm just awaiting on the day she goes Britney spears on the world

  • FTD

    She's ok

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