Maps that show the world in a different light (38 HQ Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed


  • blue_bronco

    Bob, put the descriptions to the image on top of the image.
    The way you have it is very confusing.

    • Bobo

      Bob is full retard.. be patient with him… BTW where the FUCK are the green buttons that allow you to go from one post to the other without having to go back to the main page?? What a brilliant idea it was to take those out– is it because you want to sell more of your terrible t-shirts???

      • Steve

        Bad day huh?

        • Bob

          I dunno, I understood it just fine.

    • that dude

      #7 & #8 i just cant seem to grasp. its killing me.

  • Brent


  • tv_paul

    #1 Funny he doesn't have any Ida-ho's.

  • RooFeeOOO

    #24 Not surprised by California mostly Hispanic names and Williams is really abundant in the black south.

    • bigcityreem

      The black South?

    • Matt

      Does everyone just have one of a list of like 20 last names in californina?

  • usually-censored

    Where's the underground tunnel from Mexico to California in #11?

    • G_Had

      In… in the underground?

    • Mike K

      Oh come on, Australia's not all desert!

  • penguin slayer

    GO us! 🙂

  • Worry, Duck

    so just copy paste Buzzfeed more and more lately? Where is your imagination?

    • ugh

      at least they cited it at the end this time

  • Dylan

    #10 Interesting to see an island of what looks to be Greek in the Sahara

  • sssr

    great post

  • stuowen

    #4 I don't get it…

    • lhaz

      It means that if all human would live in one city organiezd like those city all human would live on the colored surface.

      • huh?


      • TeleKenetek

        Now I'm more confused than I was

      • Craig

        Think on it as "amount of people per square mile" in that city. Paris is a very densely populated city, whereas Houston is very sprawling and laid out. As a result, if the entire worlds population were put in one place based on the model of that city, those colors are the result.

        So, Paris being a very dense city, with, say, 200 people per square mile (not true obviously) the result would be everyone all in Louisiana, just about. And if it were Houston, with 68 people per square mile, its much more wide. No difference in population total, just the distances between each person.

  • Will

    #26 Uhhmm… the last time I checked, ALASKA was part of the United States. Therefore CANADA shares TWO borders with another country…..

    • penguin slayer

      all so the UK should not be in red! It's England Scotland and the Welsh!

      • Almost...

        Map states it is "UK" though, not distinctly Eng, Scotland and Wales – and N. Ireland.

        • LucasVanDerBartlett

          UK is not a country.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            Well, that's news to approx 63m of us.

    • SpotJohnny

      It means it only shares its border with only one country. It isn't worded that well…

    • JJ247

      I think you're reading it wrong. I think it means every country that borders only 1 other country. Wording made it confusing.

    • OctaneRush

      TWO borders.. ONE country…"with another country". Not that difficult

    • XP24

      What about the Canadian border to Greenland?
      Or are it only land borders?

      • justchillinout

        And Canada borders France (two small islands off the East Coast)

        • Mhmmmm

          your all retarded. there's an ocean in the way, as well as with Greenland. a border is a division between two distinct land mass'.. and Alaska and the States?? you sound American too. figures, I always see moron Americans that don't know Canada is even north of them, let alone name some of your own states. however you do have like 52 of them.

          • justchillinout

            My friend, your education has failed you. The two French Islands I speak of, Saint Pierre and Miquelon are less than 20 km off the coast of Newfoundland. St. John's is actually further East than the islands.

            And Baffin Bay, does not qualify as an "Ocean".

            And for the definition of border, a line separating two political or geographical areas, NOT two land MASSES. Based on your definition, the previous statements are correct.

            However, I know this is the internet, the only place where you can make a statement before thinking and not get smacked up side the head, and I know you will go blissfully on. Thank you for reinforcing the statement that ignorance is bliss.

            The reality is, the individual that created the aforementioned map, failed to do their homework, and the Chive blindly re-posted it.

            C'est la vie KCCO

            • erica

              canada has a land border with denmark on hans island.

              • chrisninety1

                I suspect they're not counting overseas territories, else the U.K. would also technically share a border with Spain because of Gibraltar. Still, it's an interesting factoid that I didn't know.

    • ajw

      also Australia should be in Red. we share borders with no one.

  • ThatJoshGuy

    #36 Did they miss Vegas?

    • Anomanom

      Thats what i was thinking.

  • xBigBossx

    #36 Need to move to one of those red states. Lol

    • jace

      Coming from one of them buddy, no you don't! As Mr. Griffin said about high school and prison, the sex you want, you aint gettin; the sex you getting, you don't want!

  • chiveposterguy

    I was starting to feel like every time I look at Chive I was participating in intellectual theft.
    I really appreciate the fact Chive has now included a citation to the source material at the top like the good agitator that Chive is.

    Thank you guys for doing it right! Keep up the good work.

    • Cloksin

      First, I think the phrase you are looking for is Intellectual Property Theft. Second, regardless of how you say it, it doesn't exist. In order for there to be a theft, the original owner has to no longer have possession of the item in question. What you are implying is infringement, completely different from theft. With infringement a copy is made without the permission of the owner of the intellectual property.

      If you're going to go on a rant, please at least get your facts straight first.

    • Simon

      Most every time I've seen somebody whine, there's always been a source cited.

      Granted, I don't read all the posts, but I'm not sure where people have the idea that the sources are not credited.

  • Hah

    The Gluttony map is read. It should be entirely red.

    • err

      I think you mean wrong not read. Way to go champ.

  • chiver

    #15 I don't care what the world says, soccer is still lame

    • Big Poppa

      I guess it's the sport you growup with that stays with you?

      • Hunter

        My fellow Americans, Europeans, Africans, Arabs, let us put our differences aside in the never ending "Soccer is boring" war and join forces against the communist Chinese table tennis watchers!

        • wdh

          but.. i like ping pong..

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            Y'mean 'Wiff Waff'?

        • danharmonlives

          no, join forces against Australian football. it's so boring and unoriginal and they called it AFL. it's not even AFC.

    • Ooo

      And I'm sure you'll never leave the country. Because you think us is the world.

    • AlxH

      soccer is not on the list

      • thechevron

        well said, 'soccer' is the most retarded word in the world.

        • Bob

          Soccer is football. Use the term from the people who invented it not the rest of you guys.

          • v79

            They also invented the term soccer, so your point is moot.

        • danharmonlives

          yeah. that's why brits called it football.

    • danharmonlives

      there won't be nfl without rugby and there won't be rugby without soccer, ehem real "football"

  • Livin' Legend

    I thought #13 was kind of cool until I noticed the two angels on top about to whip it out and use the planet as one great big celestial toilet.

  • Dev

    Cool maps at the end, nasty wildcat though

    • Andrew

      Ha Yes! Rock Chalk!

      • Ian

        HELL YEAH. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  • Seldi84

    #2 #11 very cool

  • Jen

    Took an eon to get through this thing, only to ask myself 'what the fuck do I care about these maps?'

  • alex

    #5 I find that offensive, we've invaded more than that.. Not officially maybe..

    • thechevron

      surprised there is any white at all with you clowns.

    • LucasVanDerBartlett

      No look at how weak we are!

      • LucasVanDerBartlett


    • gregorije1

      i think this one is not correct

    • Trig

      The problem is every bugger followed us home.

    • Mike

      I think this is actually displaying the countries that Britain has NOT invaded or attempted to… if that isn't what it is supposed to show then it is just completely wrong. I mean India? France? South Africa? Egypt? Afghanistan? So I think it must be the countries that Britain has not landed troops in…?

      • Outrider

        I……I mean……Really? I hope you're joking, otherwise your knowledge of the past is worryingly shallow.

      • Outrider

        That is, unless you thought the white was supposed to be showing countries that England have invaded, as opposed to the red.

    • ajw

      im surprised that they haven;t invaded a country called 'Ivory Coast'. sounds to tempting NOT to invade, considering all the pith helmets and elephant guns they had.

      • MNExpat

        Ivory Coast's official name is Cote d'Ivoire (coast of ivory). It was a French territory. It was named so because it was the landing post to get to all the ivory and other treasures, including diamonds (Rhodesia, later Belgian Congo, later Zaire, now Republic of the Congo). The history of the colonization of Africa is fascinating and sad; the only area never colonized was Liberia, which was populated by the Freedmen of the US South, hence the name.

  • correctguy

    ~#26 Erm The United Kingdom is not a country, its a group of countries, and England shares its border with both wales and Scotland.

    • thechevron

      the rest of the world sees us as one country, till we get you lot to fuck in 2014.

    • Mike

      I think this is actually displaying the countries that Britain has NOT invaded or attempted to… if that isn't what it is supposed to show then it is just completely wrong. I mean India? France? South Africa? Egypt? Afghanistan? So I think it must be the countries that Britain has not landed troops in…?

    • MNExpat

      correctguy, you're partially right, and partially wrong. The United Kingdom is a sovereign country. England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island are countries, but are not sovereign or completely self-governing. The person who developed this map probably followed the more traditional route of considering the UK as "Great Britain," those four states united under the Union Jack and Her Majesty, rather than the individual states that make up the union. .

  • Zach

    Whoever did #18 was an idiot. It doesn't matter how you project through the planet. North for the Western hemisphere would be north For the Eastern hemisphere too. They tried to do a horizontal flip but did a vertical flip instead.

    • John

      The map is correct. You have to flip both horizontal and vertical which is what the poster did. This is a map on what is the exact opposite side. Think of digging a hole straight down through the earth, and where you would end up. If you still don't believe this is correct then think of being on and north pole. The exactly opposite is the south pole. Doing a horizontal flip like you said would mean the north pole is opposite the north pole. Obviously not correct.

      • _DoC_

        Nope, sorry. You dont inverse vertically. Take a water bottle and look through the plastic at the opposite side label, it doesnt magically flip upside down – only reversed.

        • Zeb Westrom

          A water bottle is cylindrical, not spherical. If you were to look through a spherical bottle to the opposite side, you would be looking from the top half to the bottom and visa-versa.

          • _DoC_

            The map description says that it shows whats on the opposite side and is misleading as though the water and core are transparent. It should be made more clear that its demonstrating that if you shot a direct line through the core at any given point, what place you would end up.

      • Jake

        So if I dug a hole through the earth, I wouldn't end up in China??? My childhood was made of lies!

    • Mike Hunt

      Nope, you're an idiot. I think the point was if you swap east for west and north for south, this what you get. ie all those times I tried to "dig to china" when I was a kid I was just bound to wind up in the middle of the indian ocean.

    • _DoC_

      Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed.

    • Dudewheresmybeer

      If you've ever heard of antipodes you would realize that the map is correct and that this is a proper representation of this map.

  • BucNasty



  • bigyawns

    #27 we have embarrassed ourselves

    • srsly?

      I wish it said AOL. I'm already kind of shocked with IE

    • Alumni72

      Opera was created an is based in Norway – where they prefer Chrome.
      I guess they think it's overrated too.

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