Maps that show the world in a different light (38 HQ Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed


  • FrankFuror

    So according to those 7 deadly sins maps, Hampton Roads should be filled with fat sluts.

    I can confirm this is in fact true.

  • @Vassquatch

    #36 Dude, What's going on at Mt. Rushmore?

  • pannychous

    #34: not buying it; not even close.

  • bcanddc

    #4, so based on this, that would mean that 99% of the surface of the earth would be free of people. So please tell me how in the hell can man made global warming be a reality? If we take up less than 1% of the face of the earth, we can not possibly effect the climate on this vast planet!!!

  • Snarky Snarkerson

    #22 is what the United States really did look like in 1814. If it was the country we "tried" to be it would include most of Canada because we would have won the War of 1812.

  • andrew2172

    #32 and on. Those came from my college ^_^

  • iskra9

    #15 Absolutely. No cricket in the United KIngdom . At all.

  • James

    Just putting it out there but as a geographer I can assure you #2 is wrong. They made Antarctica remain as land instead of ocean, they but random mountains in the oceans and misplaced every subduction zone. Here is a much more appropriate representation. [IMG ][/IMG]

  • dima_c

    #32 #36 #37 no ny for wrath, no vegas for lust, and no boston for pride? i call bullshit.

  • Stephen W

    Picture 5 is grossly inaccurate. In particular, many of these countries did not exist when England was colonizing those areas. You can state correctly that England invaded the land occupied by various indigenous groups, but that is the extent in most cases. Case in point; The United States did not exists, nor did Canada when England colonized North America. This is one of those mays where an idiot was allowed to use a computer.

  • Dennis

    #17 bummed me out

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