Natural selection working its magic (31 Photos)

  • Dangle balls

    I would #28

  • Mike

    #21 which thing is the idiot?

  • stu

    #31 – Florida… Not like the rest of us…

  • jamie

    #25 I just got my weave did !!

  • Chris Stapleton

    Please never post this again

  • waltgator

    #30 whats up with them nasty ass legs


    #21 Damn find the checker!

  • CupidStunt86

    Kill it! KILL IT NOW!

  • Sean Conroy

    You know how sorority girls think everyone from the 80's wore leg warmers and neon spandex, but really only a few did….. I worry people like this will reflect us in the future, in a similar fashion.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #23 – they see me rollin'…. they hatin'.

    • Duke Silver

      how else can you pick up fat white girls?……

  • DoobieDan


    When scrolling his shirt looks so groovy maaaann

  • eric

    #31 I think the gun is unloaded but there is a bullet in his ear, lol.

  • Sasha

    I am literally terrified of everything on this page.

  • Anastasia

    #28 Kill it with fire!

  • jvee

    #12 Mexican cartel

  • Brant

    Everyone in these pictures: STAHP!!

  • Narine

    #30 Her scabby legs scare me more than her clothes

  • LBI Surfer

    #16 On a good day, he could be considered Awesome.

  • Paul

    Please don't tell me that these people reproduce.

  • babaganush

    How's about a one way ticket to the north pole for these folks… I swear people should pass IQ test to pass their genes

  • Trevor

    #8 Clay Morrow in drag???

  • alphagammarage

    #4 haha damn santa cruz

  • yermon

    #28 – actaully i would hit this one

  • bob

    How did the CHIVE get the photo album from my family reunion?

  • jbonik

    #21 I live near this guy and he's kinda slow and
    doesn't know any better but its awesome to see him on the chive

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