I miss college….(100 Photos)

  • Aggie_Chiver

    #88 Is that the girl Johnny Football was dancing with at Northgate on Halloween? Those thigh-highs look familiar.

  • tpond

    #69 damn girl! Is the face as nice as the body

  • jai

    #58 lets see some during pics!

  • halfsmoke00

    The horse head masks are almost as annoying as the expanding ads… #23 for the win.

  • theChiveapp

    FOLLOW @theCHIVEapp on Instagram!! #kcco #thechiveapp

  • This Sucks

    #65, WIU,eh? Fuck there is a lot of snow here. I'm just going to stay inside where it's warm.

  • anon

    College looks like a gross and sticky socialist brainwashing party

  • el niño

    Kcco to all my Kansas chivers and chivettes.. not even the weather can stop us

  • Eric

    #98 Way to represent the Bay Area! And our Champions The San Francisco Giants!!!!

    • Yodaddy707

      Couldn't agree more!!! looking good ladies!!! and beat LA today

  • N8tiveT3ch

    #46 probably should have been the basketball team.

  • https://www.facebook.com/nathan.swartz Nathan Swartz

    #98 please tell me you two live in SF, when can we meet up?

  • JTP

    #18 Chande-beer**

  • drock28

    #54 chive on Aggies!! In Hoc

  • TXChiver

    #23 #24 #88 Just a few reasons why I love Texas!
    Still want to see these two in a photo together.

    • Mighty6


      MOAR PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Gig Em

  • SEA253

    #37 Sure hope it was for Pediatric colon cancer !! To soon ??

  • Bryan

    #66 two duck faces and a douche.

  • Seentit


    KKCO?? What does that mean lmao!!
    Burn that old bra

  • orl

    #54 Needs to pay attention in English Class more.

  • orl

    #88 Damn. Please send more.

  • alfred

    #98 please find these lovely sf giants fans

  • TheYesMan25

    #91 cuties for sure!

  • Dave

    #13 is in a dorm at RWU

  • EastTN~RT

    #37 You bastards need to raise money to prevent pedophilia! Joe Pa sucks!

  • TheTamara

    #37 WE ARE!! ❤ PSU Alum/Chivette

    • Mat

      WE ARE!

  • Mat


    Way to go PSU!

    WE ARE!!!

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