Meet the world’s oldest marathon runner (14 Photos)


  • Sean

    Good hustle!

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    When I'm his age I hope I can just manage to run to the bathroom fuck a marathon, keep truckin' old fella.

    • ass lover

      shut your mouth and keep eating those fucking burgers like the rest of 'merica u bacon eating fat fuck

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        Take it easy Internet special forces, I do enjoy the bacon, but I am a cowboy, astronaut, football player who is in no way incapable of fitting into your moms room.

        • Epitomizer

          Winner winner indian food dinner.

  • Whorebait

    And now i have no excuse…

    Impressive, quite impressive.

  • Epitomizer

    I was just starting to feel good about myself. You f'd that up Bob.

    • Julio_Fungoolio

      Yeah even his beard is better than mine

      • Epitomizer

        Oh hey now, if you wanna talk beards, I can throw down with the best there.

        • Julio_Fungoolio

          yeah but his is white like a KUNG-FU master

          • Epitomizer

            I concede.

  • sfb101

    He'd shred me…

  • TheAssMan

    Amazing, cause I had to take a knee halfway to get a coffee this morning

  • echogeo

    Good for him. I cannot help but think of Johnny Kelley who ran his fair share of Boston Marathons. I'd like to see this guy tackle Heartbreak Hill.

  • bigyawns

    damn nature u scary

  • Big J

    That last photo was taken here in Edinburgh, Scotland. I ran in that same event, the guy's an inspiration. Especially when I'm struggling to get out the door, if he can do it, so can I.

  • Cheryll

    Wasn't this last week?

  • Meh

    He doesn't look very happy in any of those pics

  • the390

    Mad RESPECT!

  • Bud

    #10 maybe captain morgan will give him some money and keep him relevant.

    • the390

      He already has enough money from Adidas to stay "relevant"

  • el niño

    KC and run on! This dude started running due to a death I believe kind of forgot…

  • Caleb Doyon

    Is it just me or am I the only one that notices his eyes are closed in all the pictures..

  • Hrdwood

    Maybe he can take over Lance's endorsements? At least he's the real deal.

  • freddy boy

    Sut nam, Mr. Singh.

  • TheBAMFinater

    Forrest Gump the elder years.

  • jfd898

    How bad u think that turban smells

    • smellitnowtakeit

      As bad as your moms cunt.

    • jesus

      i was thinking the same thing… eww

  • hellyeah

    Proud Indian !

  • Bob

    #1 fitter than most Americans

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  • Hmmm

    I'm giving 10 to 1 he drops dead in the middle I the race and someone trips over him.

  • von Mises

    The sad thing is this guy would smoke over half of Americans aged 20-50. We're that fat and out of shape as a nation.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – good for him. *resumes eating potato chips and watching price is right*

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