Meet the world’s oldest marathon runner (14 Photos)

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  • von Mises

    The sad thing is this guy would smoke over half of Americans aged 20-50. We're that fat and out of shape as a nation.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – good for him. *resumes eating potato chips and watching price is right*

  • SDOut-Law87

    Dude really? You gotta drop some passive aggressive racism into this mix on a story about an inspiration elder who wears his faith proudly?

    • blue_bronco

      Just because a real guy looks like a cartoon guy, and I point that out, doesn't make it racist. The two do look alike.
      Aren't you a little racist just because you read "racism" into the statement? It's comments like yours that perpetuate racism.

  • MaD MaiN3

    Real shit, I know people who are 42 that look older than this guy. This guy is proof that you can do anything as long as you never give up. 101 years old! So awesome

  • Lyur

    10 km isn't even half of a marathon, this man is a fraud.

  • holcod

    My fauja can't even get off the couch to grab his own beard!

  • jenn w

    Just read about him a few days ago on ESPN….this guy is awesome! He actually saw one of his children get beheaded in a freak accident in the middle of monsoon season.

    Full story here:

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