People who have surprisingly never won an oscar (24 Photos)

  • wayne

    this is 24 more reasons the Academy is BS.

  • Unshock?

    Most of this list are "ok" talent… not all of it Oscar worthy… ❤

  • soups818

    #20 That shit cray

  • HickoryHeel01

    I enjoy the Oscars, but you realize it's all for grins and giggles when folks like Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick never won. Gary Oldman, only nominated once (I think). Ed Harris, Ed Norton, John Malkovich… three of the better actors in the business. I'd include Helena Bonham-Carter, as well (also only nominated once, if I'm not mistaken). It's all kind of arbitrary.

  • Ken

    Schneider and Travolta? Really?

  • von Mises

    Common theme? These are actors in movies that people watched, liked, and made money. Now, in order to win an Oscar you have to portray a person who was sexually abused as a child who now speaks with a lisp who spends the whole movie talking about how much their life sucks to their plant while melodramtic music plays in the background. The other criteria is it had to gross less than $10 million AND have been seen by less than 5 million people. Any topic that could be even REMOTELY considered traditional American values is grounds for immediate removal for consideration, likely for a life time. Odds to win are increased if willing to talk about anal fisting and/or incest involving a cactus.

    -liberalism – destroying nations for centuries, including America starting late April

  • LBChiver

    #16 and #21 They threw these in just to throw us all off…

  • lfgd1978

    #16 Yeah deuce bigalow deserve an oscar………. wait what………….

  • brian

    #11 is the only real snub for American History X

    • Lene


  • Oblivious

    Outside of #1, none of these are surprising.

  • Jonathan

    You can take off #22 and #23. If they gave Oscars of who can brood the most during a movie, it would go to Will Smith. It's like he only knows one expression but not when to use – just broods the entire movie. I cannot watch his serious movies.

    Gary Oldman is the biggest travesty.

  • zenkthetank

    Hunger games girl wins one but not BFM???

  • Iggy Catalpa


    That's not an actual picture of Sam Jackson, it's a wax likeness from Taussaud's.

    Just sayin'.

  • DasBrown

    #17 Robert Downey jr just caused a lake to form in my panties.

  • prostreet68

    #24 THE MAN luv the pic. He probably stole that bike from somebody.

  • Deke

    Shes a stone faced liar, i pulled out of her way early…

  • Karl Rainer

    I think Christoph Waltz absolutely should have won best supporting actor, but Dicaprio deserved a nomination for Django.

  • ForeverInfamouz

    Doesn't stop me from watching their movies …

  • inga

    #4, #10, #17, #20, #24 Are all LONG overdue. Especially Gary Oldman,Drexel in True Romance, I didn't even know it was him!

  • Mike

    Other than Gary Oldman and Edward Norton, the rest haven't given oscar worthy performances. John Travolta, really? He sucks! And Leo is the worst actor on any list. Popularity and ticket sales don't equate to a good performance. Yes, some of those guys quick ass but for them, that requires little acting.

    • Bob

      Agreed about DiCaprio. His movies are usually pretty good, but it's usually not because of him. Scorsese anyone?

  • Bob

    How is Ralph Fiennes not on this list?

  • KyleGamgee

    #11 so talented. I think he will, eventually.

  • For Realzzz

    #16, Why in the FUCK would we be surprised to see his picture in this list.

  • alex

    I think when actors / directors hit a certain level of popularity they become to 'mainstream' for the Oscars to pick them..

  • Josh Kaye

    …You are aware that there are females who exist in films too right? The fact you listed two females with 22 males is…just awful. How about you work a little harder next time and don't just include people you think of off the top of your head.

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