People who have surprisingly never won an oscar (24 Photos)

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – a shame he hasn't. excellent actor. best shot was apollo 13, but no one was beating kevin spacey that year. kaiser soze!!

  • RMbrandon

    I like how SMFJ doesn't need a name caption.

  • xlgmedium

    Did you not give the name of #18 because Lawerance Fishbourne, Samual Jackson & Morgan Freeman all look alike.

  • Sabine

    For 8, 16 and 21, I'm not surprised they didn't. But how the fuck did the rest not get at least one?!?!

  • dingoberry

    How come the only person not labeled is black…

  • Matt

    #14 is so HOTT

  • Shane

    That BFM pic should be the next shirt ya'll put up fo sho!

  • SpecialToast

    To be fair, we can't give Sam Jackson an Oscar now, he'll probably beat a motherfucker to death with it.

  • Lep

    Holy crap! I’m not sure if I believe that. Almost too crazy to believe.

  • Pissah kehd

    Well I went to comment with the intention of bashing Rob, but everyone beat me to it.

  • Andrew

    It's because these people make movies normal people like

  • jonah

    stanley kubrick won an oscar for the special effects in 2001: A Space Odysse, do your research

    • Masschine

      That's not his Oscar.

  • Panda

    missing on this list SYLVESTER STALLONE, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and BRUCE WILLIS they most definitely deserve an oscar

  • Chive Downunder

    It's amazing that some of these actors such as John Malkovich (The Killing Fields), Gary Oldman (The Contender), Liam Neeson (Schindlers List) and Harrison Ford have given truly Oscar winning performances but never WON an Academy. The biggest surprise is Peter O'Toole who has received but never won an academy award. Other surprises are Ian McKellen and Kenneth Branagh.

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  • thatguy

    I'm surprised that everyone in this list has never won an Oscar- except Joaquin. I think he's a terrible actor.

  • john

    big surprise, Will Smith and Rob Schneider…Jamie Foxx stole all of Smiths black thunder!….and Schneider…he dont need no stinking oscar!

  • Mr. Eff

    Some of these people surprise me. #20 #4 Some not so much. #5 #3

  • Marke Rinker


  • andrew

    Stanley Kubrick won an academy award for special effects for 2001

  • laflammablanca

    terrible list. other than Leo not surprised at a single one

  • Rick

    #14 mmmmm, I'd do her redhead milf

  • tkk


  • jinz


  • Oscar

    are you people serious? The only people on this worthy of an Oscar are: Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, Woody Harrilson, and Edward Norton. The rest are good, not that good. Overall NONE have given Oscar worthy performances or they have one….

    Samuel Jackson? Really people? I expect too much from Chivers evidently..

    • jinz

      Pulp Fiction
      Jungle Fever
      Django Unchained

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