Some tricked out private jets (14 Photos)

For over 30 years, Nick Gleis has shot private jets of presidents, dictators, queens and kings, billionaires. Here are some of the most beautiful and expensive private jets.

Found via wired

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #9 i like this mans taste in decoration

    • User

      Who ever said this is a man's decoration? 🙂

    • Silliness

      So how many of us tried to zoom in on this one? LOL.

    • me2

      rich as hell, still watching porn

  • N8orius

    what am i looking at? Hot tub?

    • So_english

      Nah.. it's only the sink XD

    • Joseph

      Most of the planes belong to the sultan of Brunei. That sink is made of abalone.

    • Dano

      In a negative g pushover you and your friends can be in the water above the tub….

  • Andrew

    # 8 – turbulence wouldn't be as scary if you were in that room…

    • Just Me


  • tanthony2012

    I need money. Lots and lots of money

  • Daywalker

    Fanciest mobile homes ever!!!

  • Doe

    All horribly decorated minus #13

    • iskra9

      absolutely .. no taste whatsoever but for 13 …

  • Chewie

    A bit old… are these the jets Austin Powers use when the Jumbo aint working?

  • Mikeg01sf

    #14 looks like itsgoing to eat me

  • Oh Herro

    #9 must have been Bill Clinton's jet.

  • Richard

    Tacky! I don't care how much they cost. And I'm not jealous hahahaha

  • TheBAMFinater

    Who is on a jet long enough to take a shower?

    • @LosSaysSwag

      For those times you just think "Hey, I wanna go to Cannes for the weekend."

    • Tex Ass

      I don't know but after a trip to Vegas, a shower on the plane may help the stench.

  • ThisGuy

    These are nice and all, but have you seen the extended legroom on Southwest?

  • Alex Ryzewic

    Do all these jets belong to Russian mobsters?

  • Aorata

    Some day…

  • insofar

    They all look like the star wars theme my 7 year old came up with for his bedroom. The only thing missing from these is a unicorn poster and possibly some Voldermort paraphernalia.

  • greg

    Well thats just great ! Our president went and remodeled air force one. Our tax payers money at work.

  • dawgbone98

    #9 classy…

  • thanks

    one ten pound

  • Mike Wade

    They just look like Jets off Porns.

  • Kidicarus

    Those are some of the gaudiest designs I've seen. Must belong to a Russian oil tycoon.

  • nrp

    Hello? This is 1982. I would like my plane back. I need to pick up the cast of Dynasty. We have tickets to see Wayne Newton in Vegas this weekend.

  • Prettyswellguy

    millions of people can't afford to eat food daily and these people need 14k gold plated toilets…….

  • J02

    Very nice but I didn't see any seat belts… It would suck to hit turbulence in one of those jets…

  • JP1983

    How is #1 tricked out?! It's a cockpit that looks like it's pretty much straight out of the factory? Wool seat covers are very common in turbine-aircraft cockpits.

    • adam

      Thats exactly what it is – its a standard 747-400 cockpit, sheepskin is in pretty much standard for airline cockpits.

    • simon

      where are the pilots? the view through the windscreen shows they're meant to be above cloud level..

    • Dano

      True story, I work on private jets for a living. Other than this pic,the ones above are prob concept or 1% of business aircraft. Chapter 135 charter or business aircraft undergo daily inspection,50hour /30 day inspection for certain components, 150/200 hour inspection for engine oil analysis….Inspecting aquariums on airplanes doesnt happen….hence concept. Fish cant take pressurization/de -pressurization…Yeah, im that nerd…But its nice to look at…

  • Someone

    Thats cheating!

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