Sometimes four eyes are better than two (30 Photos)

  • Fuego

    Maybe its just me, but some girls can make glasses the sexiest accessory

  • @JQD

    OMG this gallery made my whole week. Girls with glasses mmmm

  • Rev

    I have no idea of where to start. good job chive! great selection!

  • nodle

    #2 #14 #16 is killing me

  • Kyle

    #2 #16 #17 #29

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  • gwilt87

    #14 WIN

  • Skunkboy

    Always love your post #3 sexy as hell

  • sherry

    14 so sexy

  • newsense45

    Hey I know #4! She is a sweet girl! #11 is a hottie! But #19 has my <3, you are something else 😉

  • northerner

    #27, Pretty face, nice legs, nice outfit. Geeky glasses. Works.

  • Jawbone

    #12 It helps if there are lenses in glasses, attention whore.

    • Julia

      There are lenses dumbass.

  • BlackHeart

    #20 is she even REAL?!!

  • major1974

    #3 We have to have moar!

  • RedSchins4

    #8 MOAR please!!!

  • Jay2theJay

    Sorry. I just don't get the whole fake glasses thing. It does nothing for me. If you don't need glasses, dont wear them! And they're all wearing the exact same pair!! Be creative!

  • mrstupidloginname

    I fucking love all of these girls and am very happy right now!

  • Fact

    Please no more more #22
    Your really gross. Eat something.

  • Andrew

    The things I would do to #22…

    • Yeeeeah


  • Alec

    #22 no more!!!

  • Andrew

    This needs to be a regular feature.

  • Collin

    Everyone is so pretty! #27 is my favourite; I love your coat!

  • Howdy
  • Jules_23

    #4 #11 #14 #28 lawdy! They hot anyone know any of the

  • Mr Black

    OH MY GOD! They are all Freaking Sexy as All Hell! I love me some sexiness with glasses, just sayin… Thanks Chive…. KKCO!

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