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  • sean

    Are these photos from the Old Navy clearance rack in 1996?

  • BMac

    The Chive. Probably the best site on the internet. Obviously the worst t-shirt contest pickers on Earth.

  • Mike Gardner

    Chive, Why dont you just make BFM and place a cown on hs head and call it King BFM instead

  • Mac


  • sam

    Wow, I'm sorta shocked. Either the quality of entries was poor or there are a few red faced 'judges' wandering around dazed by the response which i'm inclined to agree with. Is there any way of re-running this and allowing voter input, or at least give us a viewing of the entries & we could vote on those. Otherwise its a fail!

  • Silverstone

    The one with the pokies was nice!….. no wait a sec- that was a Burn Your Bra thumbnail.

  • Nick Bell

    So apparently everyone isn't liking the designs? Mine didn't make it to the top 10, but this is what I submitted. I just want opinions, it was my first design in a while. Kcco.

    • Chris

      Idk, I like your design. Any others agree?

  • Chris

    I just have to say that I am utterly disappointed, especially since as far as I read, these designs break some of the official rules they had… especially being rip offs… Chive you let me down today, maybe you were just celebrating patty's day extra early this year.

  • Fazool


  • davey

    they all suck shit

  • Cin


  • Sean

    Military in the stan know what's up with the spring offensive tee, that's a must buy!

  • LameSauce

    Says designs must be original….chooses most un-original designs for top ten finalists….

    *insert scumbag steve hat

  • TheTomDelonge

    Seeing as how I'm in the military and been there, definitely Afghanistan Offensive.

  • rknrbn3

    I want the Pee Wee! Damnit I didnt have time to vote D:!

  • corequality

    I can't draw for shit. So instead, here is a description of my shirt idea:
    a drawing of the outside of 3 bathroom stalls at work; the first stall has a sound bubble of "laughing" and the other stall has a comment bubble of "Chive?" with the first stall saying "yup". 2nd stall is the same scenario design but the sound bubble is "fapping" with the question "Chive?" and response of "yup". 3rd stall has a guy making "crying" sounds with the "Chive?" and "yup" question and response.

  • Kat

    Is there a link for us to see the top ten entries? I'm curious to see the top ten and if my design made it or not.

    • Skyler

      me too. though it sounds like it did not

  • Skyler

    It jsut takes me to the contest rules…no shirts to vote on

    • Skyler


  • Mirnesa Tina Hrustemovic

    "The promotion you tried to access is either inactive or does not exist."

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