Hot Right Now: Nothing is cuter than a girl with dimples (32 Photos)
  • rhodytarheel

    "Withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy." In other words, I vote for none.

    • GRyde

      "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice." Geddy Lee

      • Craigery

        "I can't believe I ate the whole thing." – Homer Simpson

  • davey boy

    KCCO – Keep Calm, Continue On

    These suck!!!!

  • svp

    vote, maybe. buy, NEVER.

  • Ian

    I disagree with most of these comments. I really like a lot of these. Bill Nye gets my vote.

  • yoyo

    these look like they should be on BustedTees not thechive.

  • Alex

    Mustache Ride is the only one I'd think about maybe considering.

  • norcal

    Please just pass on this bunch!

  • Craigery

    If these are the finalists, can you imagine how awful the runners-up must have been?

    • General_80

      why would you assume that?
      it was someones' personal opinion that chose those ten, not vox populi

  • Keioss|

    Again?? Having shitty designs in these contests are starting to become a Chive tradition. And I'll continue my tradition; NO VOTE.

    kcco from Norway

  • @karleenvalachov

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  • @lackofabetter


  • Rexy

    I know for a fact there were better one's than this sent in

  • Jordan

    wow… how underwhelming


    How about new CHIVE shirt designs instead???

  • Yamaha 911

    I'm following everyone else's lead they all suck.
    No thanks to any of them.

  • ickeymickey

    I would def wear the nye lab shirt cuz bill is rad and I'm from Seattle, but all around terrible selections

  • sammy4231

    I voted Nye because I can't stand Pee Wee.

    Put Sail Cat flying in front of the moon instead of the bike and PW — you'd have a good looking shirt.



  • My name is my name

    Weak batch

  • blue_bronco

    No thanks

  • 9874654654

    not impressed

  • Sam

    Bad batch start over

  • Karlo


  • Logs

    I've definitely seen the english muffin shirt before. Don't steal a shitty design, whats wrong with you?
    Overall they all suck and I will not be voting.

  • Hollywood

    None of these are interesting, and several are retarded. No vote.

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