• Tom

    Having spent 3 deployment in eastern Afghanistan, the spring offensive shirt is a little much. Just my opinion. KCCO….

    • Danegerousds

      Being here right now, everyone on the FOB wants one.

  • Toke

    Wow a lot of hate from people who didnt even submit anything… not cool

    • FLBP

      I submitted a really good shirt. and got no love.
      search "FLBP shirt" on eBay.

  • PA2AK much better designs

  • FLBP

    search FLBP shirt on eBay. nuff said

    • PA2AK


      • FLBP

        I submitted that. got no love. spread the word.

    • Dynomite Steve


      • FLBP

        thanks. spread the word.

  • lolol

    None of these shirts are good looking.

  • Cody Placher

    It was hard to pick the 3 least shitty designs, step up your game artist!!!!

  • SpecialToast

    God these are terrible.

  • nychiver


  • meh

    kinda rough but congrats to those who got chosen,everyone should KCCO its ok…i voted for pee wee

  • Spike

    What is this crap? I have to connect to some facebook app just to vote???

  • Guy in Texas

    Not impressed this time. I voted for Spring Offensive Afghanistan, but fundamentally these are all weak, or worse. None of these should be produced, and I doubt they'll sell if they are.

  • vegasruel

    No vote…

  • Amity Ville

    Horrible! All of these suck.

  • JustTrollin

    Once again, can't see shit! Stop using facebook for these votes!

  • Screwdriver

    Hopefully they can sell enough of these to buy another Banksy…….

  • f3nris

    Time to cancel the contest…… These are just bad.

  • Jay

    Ya these shirts blow dick…

  • lame

    Those are all horrible.

  • Whatever

    Would be interesting if they posted a gallery of ALL submissions just so we could see the awesome designs that got eliminated in favor of these. I don't understand the selection process. Nothing to do with theCHIVE just random tv/movie references, which means they only one because people not-so-objectively selected a design because they happen to watch said show/movies (While the people these are intended to be marketed towards do not).

    • FLBP

      like mine… search "FLBP shirt" on eBay. having to sell it on my own.

      • real

        enough with your self promoting ya clown, the shirt is lame

  • meh

    english mufin and sail cat, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves…these are absolute and complete rip offs. i am truly astonished and sick….sail cat… and english muffin,… ….unbelievable

  • DanDan

    They are all pretty bad. I vote for a do over.

  • Adam

    Stop complaining and just look at the hot women on here

  • Aaron

    Keep rocking on chive one gets screwed up out of the hundreds you post i like those odds forget the rest of the guys.

  • Chiverak

    These are all shit. My friend's was so much better. And i thought rules said no copyright material? Nye isn't? Or pee wee and ET?

    • real

      the pee wee one is protected by the parody law…pretty creative

    • General_80

      also: "new and original designs that have nothing to do with" why does it than say KCCO on the pee wee design?

  • Drake Lively


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