• Want

    Well watching porn will be intresting

  • xBigBossx

    I kind of find this hard to believe. It does seem very cool, but I've never heard of a place the makes you pre-order with all your information, at full price. Usually, it's something of a small deposit. That site has been up for about a month, I would be very careful pre-ordering this product.

  • David Guzman

    As long as this ACTUALLY works I'm sold.

  • Jedi

    This is nothing new. Darth Vader has been doing it for years

  • nobody

    I just ordered mine!!! This will be GREAT!!

  • Becca Dupuis

    What is the second song in that video when the skier changes it?! I must find out… and that is pretty rad but Google might sue apple now lol

  • Sal Paradise

    What direction do I flick my wrist to kill dubstep?

  • Mike

    I"m pretty certain they're just jedi masters….

  • dig

    get my o

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