Unless you’re filthy rich, Hong Kong isn’t the city for you (10 Photos)


  • Bmc

    Stop bree…… Ahhh, never mind

  • Guest

    $11.60 per sq foot. Not that expensive compared to NY 😛

  • Maxwell

    China is a shit hole.
    Big deal.

    Make my damn sneakers and STFU, get back in your hole

  • slafdj

    this post seems entirely too preachy for the chive

  • Fred Garvin

    Who orda egroll?

  • Bio

    Reminds me of when I lived in Baltimore

  • von Mises

    AGENDA 21. read about it, LEARN ABOUT IT because Obama OPENLY supports it and this WILL BE COMING TO AMERICA. Yes, you young liberal indoctrinates voted for THIS as your future.

    • Zoltan


  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 #9 – ya, fuck hk.

  • Medium00Rare


    • https://www.facebook.com/ekisabelau Eki Isabel Lau

      The system of Hong Kong falls into Capitalism. It is politically distinct from China.

  • Mr. Mandible

    I saw an apartment in Hong Kong that was so small the kitchen, the bathroom and shower were the same room. You could theoretically be cooking your breakfast, showering and taking a dump all at the same time.

  • jed

    they must love IKEA

  • Tim

    800 sq ft apartment = $9,280 a month. Holy cow.

  • TheBetterMan

    My heart goes out to these people, I really wish their was more opportunity for equality in this world, everyone deserves a good education and good living conditions, we haven't come as far as a people as we think we have, we aren't there yet until we are all there. We need more compassion and selflessness in this world. I urge everyone to do what you can to help someone change their life for the better, it will resonate throughout history. Show some love like a chiver!

  • KCCO in HK

    This is a pretty weak posting, Chive. Not only does it provide no background or context to living conditions in Hong Kong, the one caption is extremely misleading. "The urban slums are home to the poor and elderly" is unique to Hong Kong how? You might as well be describing Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis, or LA. I'm pretty sure if they were home to the rich and healthy, they wouldn't be considered urban slums.

    On top of that, "rental in the city is around $11.60 per square foot per month which is why people are forced to live in such small spaces"? No, no, let's use our brains and think this through. That sentence should read: 'With over seven million inhabitants in just 476 square miles (close to 17,000 people per square mile), space is at an extreme premium, giving rise to housing costs of around $11/square foot." It's the limited space and the high demand that creates the high price, not the other way around.

    Weak sauce, indeed.

  • http://twitter.com/xipher @xipher

    I live in Hong Kong, and I don't pay anywhere near 11.60/sq' for rent. I live in a 500 sq' 2 bedroom flat on the island, with a 500sq' private rooftop terrace and I pay roughly 1100USD/mth. I'm a 15 minute walk from SoHo or the MTR. I don't know where you get your fact. It's even less expensive, and nicer in China, I had a 1300sq' 2 bedroom flat in a private garden in Shenzhen for roughly 1300USD/mth. Get your facts right. Sure if you want the penthouse right on the harbour, or on the peak you're going to be paying crazy rates, but generally it's not as expensive as you think. I always laugh when american's comment on China like the US media tells any truth about it at all.

  • Alex

    i currently live in HK and i must say this is a terrible representation of what the city is like. the people who say things like "i went to HK once and thought it was awful" obviously need to open up and stop being ignorant to how great of a city it is. even if it has its high, middle, and low classes, is it not different from any other big city in the world?

  • Jen

    I am from HK – now living in the UK. I must say that this is an extremely poor portrayal of HK, sure maybe 15 or so years ago but things have most definitely improved now.

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