Animals that don’t suck (47 Photos)

  • Truth Hurts

    #18 photoshopped?

    I didn't know Leopards had that recessive gene…

    • What'sHisFace

      Sadly, it is photoshopped. A quick Google Image search shows the original image with the single yellow eye color.

      • heywood jablowme

        nobody cares if its photoshopped or not. And we care even less for those that insist on pointing out such photos. Why can't the likes of you just enjoy the photo for what it is?

        • Snarky Snarkerson

          Actually, it does matter. Like fake boobs, sure they can look awesome but sometimes natural is just better. Fake is fake.

        • Nic

          I am just glad he didnt say first

        • Hippie HipsterNot

          Heywood…wood ya blow me?…nobody cares about your comment or your opinion either

        • Brian

          He replied because the person above him asked about the recessive gene you dipshit.

  • MattKL

    #20 "Man the service here sucks."

    • MylesofStyles

      Perhaps he shouldn't have left his wallet in his trunk.

      • Pretty Smile

        Wocka Wocka……..

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #20 Still waiting for my complimentary peanuts over here…

  • Ace V..

    #25 That's a lovely dog you have there, sir. Mind if I pet him?

    • boob_cuddler

      But does he clean up his own poop?

    • Guy

      iI don't give a rats ass

  • SuperiorTo8

    #43 "Best. Day. Ever."

  • Elephant

    #20 "did you forget my order? Cuz I didn't…"

  • Dan


  • Paul

    #33 "I may have fucked something up"

  • heywood jablowme

    #46 "… uhh, honey. This isn't what it looks like."

  • Dude here

    #15 why dogs are better than cats
    #27 why I sometimes cuss a lot at my dog

  • Kim

    #13 looks like he led those poor officers on quite a chase! off-roading and all smh…

  • 2Dogs

    #40 So happy he could just shit

  • thecircu5

    "The Cat did it!" #27

  • HickoryHeel01

    #47 This seems about right. My four dachshunds all THINK they're Gods.

  • Tim

    This is where I shall poop…..

  • Scott

    I don't care if it's the wrong thread:

  • Arnie

    Surprise buttsex in 3..2..

  • Hrdwood

    #5 I'm pretty sure I look like this after smoking too much weed.

    • HickoryHeel01

      "too much weed"? I don't understand.

  • Hrdwood

    #6 and I often FEEL like this after smoking too much weed…

  • punkin


  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #44 Must be that new collie everyone has been talking about. #8 Bazinga

  • It's me

    #5 WTF is this?

    • streamecologist

      Mary River Turtle of Australia

  • A BiPolar Guy

    #25 you said I was only allowed out on leash. Well I'm on my leash! Aren't you proud of me?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #7 awwwwwww animals are so loving #15 laughed way too hard and long than I should have

    • Bill57

      i agree stan. animals are loving cause the love and dogs are mans best friend but not cats cause dogs and cats can't both be mans best friend. so the dog is mans best friend and doesn't like the kitty cat so he pushed him in the water and that was funny so i laughed.

  • theChiveapp

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