Chivers and their numerous Random Acts of Kindness (53 Photos)

  • shraven

    Sorry, this doesnt do it for me. I agree with whoever said it's just a bunch of Chivers giving other Chivers money, and also, why do you need to take a pucture of yor RAK and have it splashed on the internet so everyone can talk about how awesome you are? Shouldn't a true RAK be made without expectation of acknowledgment?

  • keith

    made video about this a while ago. i know it's not much, but it's the thought – right?

  • tbug

    #13 he said he would do his best to get us on the chive! tip of the hat to you 🙂 well done!

  • nerd

    #24 – do you math?

  • toddo37

    i love being able to go from things like Asians in the equation to RAK. this site is an emotional roller coaster. Gonna RAK the shit out of someone today!

  • Guest

    #35 Pam….Pam from the Office? Anyone else see this?

  • Joe

    What email do I send my pics to if I want it to make the chive

  • charley johnson

    Big fan of this article and glad more people are paying it forward. Thanks for helping spread the word about Pay it Forward

  • DCR

    Big tips or buying some strangers a round with the hope of getting a picture of it acknowledged by the Chive isn't a random act of kindness, it's just simple self-gratification. The guy on the bike pulling the wheelchair, the shoveler- those guys are working hard to help others. These are the types of acts The Chive should celebrate. Nothing wrong with giving a big tip to your server, but if you snap a photo of it and send it to The Chive is it out of kindness or the "glory" of having your act celebrated by the internet?

    • Richard Drake

      I think it's usually the server taking the picture and sharing it out of gratitude, not the customer. At least most of them are that way. What's wrong with sharing that someone helped you out and made you happy? Don't be a grinch now… If someone came up and handed me a twenty right now, it'd really help me out, but talk to me after Friday after I get paid and then I might be able to help out. Sometimes it's not just the money you have, it's having it when you need it, and I'm sure these RAK's often help out someone in a pinch.

  • Macro

    These massive tips aren't the greatest idea. What do you think the odds are that your non-Chive waiter/waitress is going to just give away all that money afterwards? I try to have faith in people, but let's face it…

    #37 Is a great idea.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – pretty cool.

  • ChelseaChivette

    Springfield? Sweet. KCCO and go Bears, my fellow Springfield Chivers!

  • Richard Drake

    And an update on her time, there was an error and she rocked it in 6min 35sec!!! Hoping to do it next year with her once I get some medical issues in order and defat myself some. Maybe a team Chive???

  • devannh
  • Matt

    #24 is the customer copy… Nice try though.

  • ardbeg

    #12 against the law unfortunately…can not sell alcohol for less than value. Please for the stores sake….lose the name next time. Just saying

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