Chivettes bored at work (28 Photos)

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  • Acesevens

    #14 my favorite

  • James

    #10 and #2 I am obviously working in the wrong place, need to see moar of both beauties

  • sirrantsalot

    #15 Are y'all hiring?!?!

  • ChiveOnFromCalgary

    … should have been a nurse when I grew up. Shit.

  • tralfaz

    #5 Should be what an E.D. visit to the doctors is like. Yup nothing, positive E.D. test.

  • annonymous

    #10 M.O.A.R and find her

  • thrannix

    #13 Beautiful eyes

  • @JQD

    #27 MOAR!!!!!

    • Help Me

      Yes please!!

  • monster

    #5 I can only hope you work at my hospital

  • ESPN2013

    #28, everyone else already said it, and we all know, but its worth repeating

  • Eric

    Please tell me where to send my resume to be next to #16 ??

  • KSD

    #19 Finally an Indiana Chivette!! I have to request MOOOAAARR of this beauty, especially since she's local!

    • Big John

      We need an Indy meetup!

  • NotFairAtAll

    # 28
    Way to end it!

  • doe

    #6 is cute

  • ChiveMaster

    #13 What beautiful eyes!

  • The Saint

    #19 MOAR please. From a fellow IN. medic.

  • chris

    #25 Aaaaahtractive

    • Meghan Castle

      thank youuu (:

  • Gary

    #2 – MOAR! Lets see the boot!

  • YOYO

    aal are stunning but move vote goes to #15

  • sfb101

    #28 A great ending or is it just the beginning?

  • wokka

    #6 Im all in, and then afterwards we could go out for a sammich or something……..

    • CaliChiver

      agreed, and i wanna feel like riding charizard and swinging a sword?

  • ryan

    #16 wow very hot

  • Dbar

    They r taking it in the butt who cares about their face

  • THErealWAVE

    #6 she has that look that says "i will bake you cookies after we have sex"…idk maybe its just me?

  • TheYesMan25

    #20 #28 I am jealous of every single one of your coworkers.

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