Choose your Ride: Garages (73 Photos)

  • wise

    #10 I'd love to drive that every day!

  • Kevrhutch

    Found my ride

  • maboze1x

    #16 and #72 Would have! 🙂

    • fish

      I don't care how pretty #16 is, get your ass off my car!

      • Big_Okie

        #16 I believe is the future Mrs Ryan Seacrest. Probably can afford to have it fixed. For her though, I'd be willing to work something out in trade…

  • Zoso77

    First! Sweet baby James I want one of any of these!

  • HickoryHeel01

    Plenty of nice rides, but I think I'd choose #10, #16, #25, #42, #54, #62 or #72.

  • alan

    #42 mmmm mmmm

  • wow...

    am i the only one that thinks its sad that the first few comments are just posted for the women? admire a car and then look at porn after if you're that horny/lonely. don't get me wrong….BEAUTIFUL women here…but come on…

    • Richie Pierce

      What an original comment.

      After "repost", "blah blah reddit", and "first", whining about people liking the women is the most annoying thing found in the comments section.

      • Hara

        Well honestly cars are just cars. Most of us wouldn't have one if we had viable alternatives.

    • YouKnowHowIKnow...

      …you are gay…? (Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course)

      • wow...

        ….gay? not quite. this is a married guy with a beautiful wife that still gets me goin after 10 years together just by walking through the room. i married way out of my league, but what helped me get her was my personality. it was all i had. no great looks, six pack abs, great car, money, none of that. just not a douche. now i have all of those, except the abs, car, and money….and i guess i still don't look that great…better than what you're prob doin. ha

        • Xsoldier2000

          cool story bro

          • wow...

            true story bro….thnx

            • Donnie D

              he was fucking with you

    • urgay

      I'm with you on this. Beautiful cars and garages! Makes you dream. Women of the interweb are overplayed so much. These horny bastards on this site have a better chance buying a Veyron than getting with any of these women…

      "Hey guys, im horny… ugh haha .. first! Check out these bitches … id fuck their brains out…uhhuh… yeah. Im a fucking stud." – Posters on Chive

    • Alex Duncan

      Ill take those four Bugattis no problem

    • twd22285

      ..Yeah, because you only come to the chive for the "cool car posts" fucken douche

    • matt

      I agree 100% Cars are fun to look at, so are hot women. But, I don't look at them both at the same time, lol. I also hate the sexist/gold digger/whatever implication of "oh, if you have this car (read: tons of money) you WILL have these hot, yet stupid and greedy, girls on your junk 24/7".

      • wtf

        One can dream LOL

  • General_80

    #72 angel indeed

  • MuscleMan

    The hell with the cars!!! I would love to just have some of those garages!!!

    • Duber

      Its not a garage of it doesnt have tools.

      • Agree


  • yoyo

    Soooo much sexiness in this… damn son…

  • @undefined

    #13 Is that the Ford GT40? Like the most expansive car sold on autction? ($11 million iirc)

    • g-man

      The former Steve McQueen GT40 is the most expensive AMERICAN car sold at auction ($11m). The most expensive car sold at auction is a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa which went for $16m.

      • Kris

        I remember seeing a show on a 1930's Bugatti that sold a few years ago for >$40 million. I wanna remember that Ralph Lauren had something to do with it.

    • Brandon Betz

      Its a Ford GT Heritage Edition. The headlights give it away.

    • flow

      Yeah, that is an old GT-40, but the Ferrari 250GTO was the most expensive car sold at auction with a price of $35 million

    • Kevin McMahon

      The car pictured is a FordGT with the gulf oil livery. The hood is way different on the old ones, and the old ones are almost a foot shorter, or at least they appear that way.

      • guest

        Old ones are 3 inches shorter, GT40- 40 inches tall. New ones are not referred to as the GT43 however they are just 3 inches taller. As for the one in this picture its a GT43 (ford gt)

  • Banjo Bob

    #54 pfft women drivers…

    • KBCool

      looks like she's doing something right

    • Dan

      Nope, no kitchen down here..

    • SOhioChiver

      #54 I think there is room for me in there somewhere, it would be fun to try!

  • Tiber_Septim

    #36 tons of money needed, Envy I have, Cars I want,

  • Bandit

    Pic #69 (he-he) is the Barber Museum in Birmingham, AL. Best/largest collection of motorcycles in the world. If you ever find yourself in that area, I suggest you go. It's an amazing place.

    • Kris

      Hum, might need to add this to the Talladega trip May.

  • boob_cuddler

    #15 when I hit it big, this will be my living room.

  • Do0zer

    #3 These make me feel so poor, and so jealous!

    • Daywalker

      MV Agusta… drool

  • AstroMikeDexter

    Yeah well.. my Camry's got a cup holder..

  • Brian


    More money than brains. Must be nice.

    • Hara

      Yeah. "I got a couple of million hanging out. I wonder what the tax deduction on a car collection is?"

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #5 #71 I prefer the American muscle and that garage is badass.

    • lotsofhp

      I notice that blue camaro keeps showing up. Beautiful.

  • moose_nutz

    Very impressive garages!

  • Jack Corrozi

    #58 This person needs some professional help. Do you really need four of them

    • not jealous

      i know…can't even afford the tires for the other two…

    • David

      Wholeheartedly agree with you on this!
      After all, NO WAY it could be a mechanic shop. :p

    • sandy astroglide

      They're an investment, I bet none of them have even been driven.

    • John Robert

      need has nothing to do with it.

  • Eric Horley

    #34 i think i could ride that everyday and not get tired of her

    • Luke

      let's do it on top of these paint / lacquer thinners and fiber glass resins!!!
      fun fact. your skin absorbs everything you come in contact with. then your poor liver has to deal with it.
      never mind getting that stuff on your genitals… goddamn that must burn.

    • John Robert

      then you've never been married. you would..give it several years.

  • Shepard Wong

    dream cars in dream garages, then….reality #66

    • Tony

      Nothing wrong with a garage full of tools and a project car. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

  • Shepard Wong

    Dream cars in dream garages, then….reality! #66

  • StevenEric

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