Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • xlgmedium

    #6 & #31 Find her is not any good without a name.

  • Sad Chiver

    I remember when a Chive post didn't recycle half the pictures for every post and only displaying people in Chive shit for for the other half. Also like he Chive beer plug before the dissing Budweiser. Here's to finally completely selling out. Keep Calm and Purchase Chive On stuff.

    • Seriously?

      Agree completely. Let's tell everyone our shirts are for sale and then only make enough so that people who gave to Chive Charities to hear about it early are the only ones who can actually purchase something. I'm all about giving to charity, but seriously?

      • Inquiring Minds

        #6 Worth a re-post on every post… but I understand.

  • WhyDontYouHaveASeat

    #28 I can't help but read this in that narrators voice from To Find A Predator. (To FAP??)

  • Dangie

    #31 MOAR!
    #47 Errmmmaaaguurrrddd

  • Charlie

    #6 got it so right with the first photo but has failed miserably with the two follow ups

    • Inquiring Minds

      #6 I've only seen the two here… Where's the third one? I mean, which thread has it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/g.pelka Greg Pelka

    #13 Sit on my face

  • DalTx

    Damn #47

  • http://twitter.com/MrACRedwine @MrACRedwine

    #40 Mother of God…

  • ASSumptions

    #39 Thumbs up! Ass for days…….

  • NellSly

    #23 the probably just had to pee really bad

  • snapKRACKELpop

    #17 with a face & body like that, Ms. Lo, I'm pretty sure you get whatever you want 😉

  • Guest

    #9 The New Hypnotoad?

  • obiex07

    #31 is found! Now MOAR!!!

  • DaveF

    #37 Friendzoned

  • its_forge

    #1 I'm sorry if I were that close to Miranda Kerr's chest my brain would melt.

  • Cynical Carl

    #37 Friend Zone Level- Shamefully covering your boner and held back tears as she takes mirror pics to send to the already past-his-prime highschool quarterback.

  • dan


  • Hoot15

    #17 is gorgeous!

  • snapKRACKELpop

    #6 = Gorgeous
    #37 makes me wish i was the photo bomber in the shot…
    #31 Jesus DEFINITELY loves you!
    #47 = KAPOW!

  • Livin' Legend

    #18 Dad of the year. And I'm not saying that sarcastically. That's a pretty awesome thing to do with your son.

    • Old Man River

      Back in my day, most tatoo "artists" were ex-cons… Times change, I guess.

  • DannoTheManno88

    #9 All day long

  • Ph3nom3non

    #47 and #49 DAR well worth it

  • http://www.facebook.com/picsandjokes Dave Bowden

    #20 the one in the background has the calmest "falling down the stairs" face i've ever seen

  • Samib1331

    This #49 and this #29 make me feel like #2.

  • Johnny

    Between #9 and the GIF from the Asian girls thread, theChive wins the Internet in the GIF department today

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