Fried spiders? How ’bout no, Scott (16 Photos)

  • Wet_tosti

    #4 stop playing with your food!

    • Mike

      Are you talking to the boy? Or the spiders?!

  • amber_elisabeth

    Nope, fuck that.

    • Pretty Smile

      You rike softshell crab? Basically the same thing.

  • non, a


  • High Llama

    oh fuck no!

  • MattKL

    Paging Andrew Zimmern.

  • Ace V.

    "Come to me, jungle friends!" #4

  • bill

    what do they taste like?

    • Marc

      They taste like nope!

    • Bazil


    • David

      They taste just like fukkin' spiders!

  • rob

    like chicken….everything tastes like chicken…

  • Derek

    Whats the harm in trying it atleast once? people eat fish…

    • Underbaker

      Still wondering who the first guy was to look at an oyster and thought that looked tasty.

      • MonkeyMadness

        Somebody REALLY hungry!

        • banananah

          imagine what was the deal with cow and milk…

  • Gallus

    I have as much culinary curiosity as anyone, I guess. I have eaten all manner of insects, worms, larvae – you get the picture. But, somehow, a big hairy spider clicks my curiosity the whole way off.

  • Sneak Ninja

    I want to eat just one in front of thousands of live spiders, staring them all down. Just to show them who's boss, before fleeing in the other direction to avoid their wrath.

    • NoWayJose

      Very wise – obviously something the poor sods in this town forgot to do:

    • David

      The guy in the booth next to me is giving me a funny look now!

  • NoWayJose

    C'mon people, there's EIGHT drumsticks!

  • Emmylou

    shellfish are sea insects…….. I know spiders aren't insects, but I'd give it a go. I am imagining something like… shrimp flavour?!

  • Scott

    C'mon bob. What's wrong with spiders.

  • bbbz


  • TheBAMFinater

    I will never sleep again.

  • Brian


    The only good spider is a dead spider

    • Hazel

      And that's not even good. The only good spider is – wait there are no good spiders

  • David Godbout

    fuck that! fuck ALL of that forever until the end of time

  • Abby Garrett

    NEVERRRR!! Not even one. HELL no!!!

  • Nope

    I think I'd eat the kid first

  • chivette

    You can have ALLLLLLL my nopes!!

  • erikhart

    #6 how about NO!

  • Dapper_Dave


  • waylon

    What brave desperate soul thought this would work?

  • Spider-Hater


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