Invisibility is the key to a great photobomb (30 Photos)

  • schango

    The old arm over the shoulder boob grab.

  • SloopDville

    #30 I bet Kanye is pissed at that bird…

  • Rob

    #27 Is perhaps one of the best human beings on the planet.

  • Mike McGuire

    is #29 Jon Mann?

  • @SiameseCitys

    I don't understand how photobombs happen anymore, unless the photographer finds it funny and keeps it, how is every bomb not followed by, "oh hold on guys, some asshole is staring into the camera back there…"

  • ZackMorrisIsADick

    #17 WTF is up with homeboy's nipple???

  • Jung

    #13 is a bit scary…

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