Passed out and pranked to perfection (37 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #7 #17 #25 #35 I volunteer to be pranked like this daily.

    • Shawn's

      Yes chive should put out a contest for sexy dirty drunken pranks.

    • goatpunch

      Is there a word for female teabagging? For now I'm calling it a tuna squish, and I view it like the old brer rabbit story reverse psychology. A sort of "please don't throw me in the briar patch." Except with vaginas

    • gman0821

      If this could happen to me, I would pretend to pass out.

    • Ben

      These dude are gonna be pissed when the wake up, see the pictures and zero recollection of these delightful T, P, and As in their faces…. sucks to be them?

    • n0MN0m

      Nom. nom, nom, nom……….

    • Lboogie13

      Was I the only one screaming "good God man, wake up" when seeing these pics?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #17 #25 #35 – lucky bastards.

    • Turd F.

      They could be farting on those guys for all we know.

  • RealZoo

    #7 #25 #35 I wouldn't mind getting pranked like that!

  • lalo

    #17 I would eat her poop.

    • Menolikepoo

      You would

    • Courtesy Flush

      Why? It probably tastes like shit.

    • Jimmy

      so you would eat a mile of her shit to see where it came from or you'd just eat her shit?

    • Epitomizer

      ^ 4 Examples of doing it wrong! ^

  • sfb101

    So this is what friends are for!?!
    #21 Scary

  • Will

    #7 #17 #25 Ok, ladies… how about offering to do that to me when I am awake and able to appreciate it! (And maybe even participate!!!)

  • JTP

    #13 Luke Skywalker?

    • Lukeatmacok

      And Princess LayYa

      • JTP


    • Ben

      I was going to say that. spot on

    • Leeks

      He is understandably cautious with real women. The last one turned out to be his sister.

  • TheFrontier

    #7 #25 Why does my face smell like vagina? ….. SOB!

  • Joe

    People should see themselves in these pictures and rethink their drinking habits. Their friends are actually doing them a favor even though that is not the original intent.

    • savagecabbage

      Oh no it's this guy again. Buzz Killington

    • bigyawns

      Go back to huffington post and yahoo news

    • Red

      Thanks for the comment Mom.

    • pat

      I am #19 and i can tell you i will not. If anything this just reinforces how awesome i am

  • wise

    #31 hilarious

  • jholmes

    #17 please brush your tounge…

    • Candlejack

      If her tongue is the first thing you notice, I think it's totally cool that you're gay.

      • jholmes

        you so funny!

  • Big Joe

    #37 I calm bullshit. How could one guy be so drunk that he would be totally still while his friends built a pyramid on him. And if he's that drunk, how are they sober enough to accomplish the pyramid?

    • Big Joe


    • afdafadf

      its not on him douche face. its behind him

      • Big Joe

        Douche face stands corrected. KCCO

  • FLChiver

    Kids are mean.

  • blue_bronco

    That is good. Rub a little ky/vasoline on his ass. Or mix some baking soda and water and put it on the sides of his mouth.

  • savagecabbage

    #35 Giz a bit more o her.

  • J_ny

    #7 that's no prank! More like a good time if you ask me wouldn't mind her on my face !

  • Joe

    #20, that would make me panic so bad. id prob try to beat the shit out of everyone involved when i got out.

  • DubleDex


    If I woke/came to like this I would LOSE MY MIND. This makes me so claustrophobic just looking at it I get sweaty palms. I am not a violent man, but somebody might be getting the piss beat out of them … after I got free, all the tape-burns healed, and my hair grew back.

    This is some serious assholery and at the very least I would have a few less friends.

    • NebraskaGuy

      I absolutely agree!

    • Bion

      The correct way to use duct tape on drunk people. #33 harmless.

    • Fish

      Yeah, some "friends" (douchebags). This could cause heat exhaustion, because the guy's skin can't breathe at all. This is putting this guy at risk for a lot of things. Mummification isn't funny at all, and this guy's Asshole Buddies forced him into something potentially dangerous. Not a harmless prank at all. Just stupid, fucked up behavior.

    • @SoCalChiver

      Totally agree with you bro

    • mynameis

      WTF talk about taking shit to far!

  • Conor

    #7, #17, #25, #35 should have just pulled a sandlot and went for it..specially #7!

  • Mikey

    I can only imagine the amount of time I would serve in prison after they removed me and I killed everyone involved.

  • snapKRACKELpop

    #7 #17 #25 #35 not a prank… but a privilege.

  • coop

    with friends like these, who need enemies

  • @LosSaysSwag

    I will never understand how someone can be that drunk for some of these.

    • Courtesy Flush

      Ya. I guess you don't get like that when all ya got in the hood is crack.

      • Kxs

        Don't guess. You know what don't even think, you're going to hurt yourself.

      • Paul

        TP Trash

  • JB959


  • guest

    #32 – amazing – he is going to flip our when he wakes up

    • windowlicker

      Poor little dog.

    • HickoryHeel01

      Yeah, the dog looks confused.

    • Thoridin58

      The dog is looking at the camera and thinking WTF.

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