User submit: by day, hot Marine…by afternoon, model (24 Photos)

Check her out here

  • Bulls

    Best legs. Ever.

  • Kelly 11B

    she's still a POG

  • oZz

    dont worry she will get E-5 within a year meritoriously

  • John

    WM Woman Marine, Wookie Monster, Walking Matress

  • Jason

    id put it in her pooper but shes still boot ass wook. judging by all the moto pics with gas mask, rifles and whatnot shes probably a fuckin admin hog

  • Cpl Punishment

    OO RAH DEVIL DOG! We need more smokin babes in our Corps!

  • usmc

    boot a$$ pog

  • Jake Z

    damn. i hope when i get my duty station i meet some one like her! Semper Fi! do or die! till the day i die!

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