By day, hot Marine…by afternoon, model (24 Photos)

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  • Remmy


  • Simon

    Stop serving, the thought of you putting your life at risk makes me sad

    • Yeah

      Putting her life at risk? Doing what? Typing up administrative reports? And judging by the looks of her she seems like one of those girls that couldn't get enough attention in the real world so she joined the Corps where shed be the only decent looking female for miles.

      • titsburgh feelers

        Took the fucking words right outta my mouth.

        • Grunt

          She's getting promoted so fast the scans on her knees don't have time to heal! WOOK

          • Name


      • 1team1fight

        I served 12 months in Afghanistan as a combat engineer and I had a female action leader who was absolutely gorgeous and she went out on every single mission with us. She not only had the same living conditions as us and ate the same food as us but she worked out just as hard as us, if not harder. Then when we got back to the base and all of us hit the showers/chow hall she would go spend hours debriefing and filing paperwork. Don't be so quick to bad mouth something that you know nothing about

        • 1team1fight

          *platoon leader

  • Jingles

    Why only 1 pic?

  • Kasey

    Your missing 23 other pics

    • spell!!

      You're. You are!
      Dammit people….!

      • Navin

        It's a spelling problem, not grammar.

      • Mr b

        It's "damn it people!"

  • Epitomizer


  • Turbo

    By evening
    Weiner basket

  • whoami

    I wish I could see the rest of the pictures. But #1 is sufficient for me to fap to

  • Brian R. Bellows

    I can only see one pic?

  • TooMuchInfo

    Ahh.. Even for a marine, ive seen better

    • zeke

      True story.

  • Mr nice guy

    She looks like a bitch.

  • Guest

    Really?? Look close at that face..really??

  • Turkey burgers

    Dear chive why can't you just link this right to the brigade? You can make beer, raise thousands of dollars for people, And make t-shirts that sell out in minutes but you cant make this link re-direct us wtf!

    • yeap

      Golf clap

  • ThisGuy

    I always wonder with these military girls who send pictures of themselves half dressed in their uniform how that goes over back at their unit. I was in the army and my first sergeant would have lost his sh*t at something like this. But maybe marine corps NCOs are more laid back…

    Just saying this seems like a big risk for a little attention.

    • Greg

      You're right, over here in the Corps it's totally laid back. In fact that's why we have time out cards when we are stressed in boot camp…oh wait that's an Army deal.

  • usmc

    admin pog, boot

  • Cory


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