• ChristHump

    I didn't know she was that depraved.

  • gryphonesse

    could not possibly love her more. What a sweetheart!!

  • Yann

    Can I have her number too ?

  • Coldzilla

    And she just got hotter…

  • rickacha

    that's so cool

  • Eder

    Friendzoned…. but really warms your heart.

  • pannychous

    Umm…yeah, I'm smitten. Game over. This is old news, but if you haven't seen it, this is more evidence of her ridiculous awesomeness:


  • Ben

    Wow, I thought she was cute before but that has totally blown me away! We need more people in the world like this… wait has she gone from celebrity crush to hero? I don't even know what I'm suppose to do with that, dam!

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