Nothing beats a woman’s POV (38 Photos)

  • Bhodi

    #10 Whoa

    • Epitomizer

      I can almost see the promised land. My imagination gets more use on theChive than a 7 year old with an imaginary friend.

    • Mark

      Love it. The panties on the hip make this picture… Uh… I was working right, not gnawing on my keyboard.

    • Derby

      I refuse to believe that women do not understand why we go ape-shit! Ah!!!!

    • bdg

      #10 Superb!!!
      #11 You like nuts on your boobs??? Good to know!!!!

  • beasty

    I'm up for that alternate point of view, if you know what I mean

    • Datdude


    • moondog

      yes both POV are great to watch 😉

  • Alex

    #29 That's all.

    • Macias

      Daaaaaaaaaamn… She's got fucked up toes bad!! But the pov makes up for it

      • Yes

        not fucked up. FUCKED UP. lol

        • Epitomizer

          I have a little bit of bad news for you fellers…

        • Gonz

          Bwahaha! Her tits are so big she probably didn't even notice how hammered her toes look until she submitted this pic! Don't get me wrong, I Love your tits, but DAYUM, your toes look like "slight right and left turn" signs.

      • MEAT


    • Eewww

      That weird toe is all

  • jjh21

    #11 chestnuts?

    • Pfizzle

      Ahhhh…we know where the comments for this one are heading. Am I right?

      (they will include the obligatory "chinnuts" comments as well)

    • Yep

      Here, lemme crack that for you

    • tony

      challenge accepted

  • Carl

    #34 Dats wicked hawt!

  • jokerz4fun


    Something tells me you might be cold or excited either way HOT.

    • SOhioChiver

      Damn that's hot! #3

  • Fuck N Right

    #30 MOAR!

    • JMAKK

      Good chance your from Texas… yes MOAR!

  • el ñino

    #16 like a magical mountain rage.. woud like to go hiking

    • BungalowBill


    • Poop Stain


  • IrishInNJ

    #22 I'll avoid the temptation to make any amount of jokes and just say Bravo and get well soon. (Though you look fine!).

    • Epitomizer

      The high road, while always the classy choice, not always the easy one.

  • jhento

    Humina huminah huninah

  • Unit


    • SOhioChiver

      Holy crap that is sexy! They have this one numbered right #10 would like to see MOAR!

      • MMV99

        Indeed, need more!

        • Slate Stone

          HD please!!

    • moose_nutz

      Totally wins the internets today.

  • FLChiver

    I'd love a view from the other direction.

  • Fapable

    It's impossible to pick a favorite – just truly an amazing gallery!

  • Jon

    I haven't even gotten rid of my morning wood and this is what you post??? Thanks Chive

  • tv_paul

    #25 I'd like to see this on your bumper. Please adhere and send in more pics. <p

  • BOB

    love this post!!

    • praying Barrie boy

      does this say "barrie,"

  • TooMuchInfo

    These pictures make me feel funny in my pantaloons

  • Zee705

    I would hate to have to look at that all day…said no man ever.

  • drew

    #10 Is smoking hot

  • why o why

    And my friends wonder why i have a thing for white girls… hmmm!?

  • Tiber_Septim

    #18 made my morning

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #5 Something tells me that's not her POV. But… so many nice boobs.

  • tralfaz

    #32 I hope for your sake they all came back negative.

    • SOhioChiver

      love love love #32

    • NebraskaGuy

      I don't think she's referring to the kind of tests you're thinking of.

      • d'oh

        No shit, ya think? Freakin genius at work here

        • Epitomizer

          I think this gentleman's comment may have been slightly too subtle for you.

  • ESPN2013

    #3, please send in MOAR for the chivers

  • sam

    Wow POV is the best

    • Truthbombs

      It really is.

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