Nothing beats a woman’s POV (38 Photos)

  • James

    #23, #28 are amazing, but this might be the best gallery ever created.

  • NotFairAtAll

    #32 Go Frogs!

    • tim

      I was in the TCU area the other day. Would love to cross paths with her and see that beauty in person!

  • Fellow

    Sooo maaaanny attention whores

  • kcco

    Best pov pics ive seen at the chive. Kcco

  • HickoryHeel01

    Magnificent, all of them. #2… spectacular view, but please don't mess it up with the worst crap beer imaginable.

  • @bl4ckbu5

    #10 oh gosh..

  • Spelling Police

    #29 What the hell is wrong with your toes? You need to get that shit fixed.

  • Prettyswellguy

    I see a few Doctors were able to buy new boats from these photos….lots of silicon!

  • shaker

    Best POV yet chive

  • Notknowing

    #19 That's some tasty lookin squishy, right ther.

  • Ron Burgundy

    #10 Sweet Lincolns Mullet!

  • MaxCarbon

    #1 Pretty sure I know this beautiful women, #10 AMAZING, #26 MOAR!, #32 nice cups, I mean cup….

  • Mike re

    I think every girl should duplicate #27 especially you #33

  • Golden Frog

    #26 wow! that's a POV! #27 keep the alternate points of view coming! We want MOAR!

  • Chop


  • andrew2172

    #27 I think I've died and went to heaven when I look at this view

  • Stay_Classy

    #14, yes please. Always been a fantasy of mine, and i love the classy cover up!

    • Tan-vette

      Best way to warm up on a winter day 😉 Thanks Classy!

      • Stay_Classy

        You're not kidding! This winter has been ridiculous. I find myself in your same spot as you a few times week just to keep me sane, tho the view is not as good as yours haha. Where you from?

        • Tan-vette

          Lol! Chivin on from the Dirty Jerz!

          • Stay_Classy

            Ah nice, so you know all about the fun winters of the North haha. I live just outside of Detroit, and am moving to Chicago in July. Just can't escape the snow lol

            • Tan-vette

              Keep calm and get your fake tan on my Chiver friend!

          • Stay_Classy

            You should definitely be submitting MOAR, either to Chive, or directly to me haha I'm happy either way

            • Tan-vette

              I've been an undercover Chivette for a lil while..ill try and give you some MOAR to look for (if you like Gaps, Mondays pink and black undies look pretty tan to me, lol)

              • Stay_Classy

                couldn't help but keep thinking of this when i was tanning today. Cant wait for Gaps, I'll definitely keep an eye out for some MOAR.

    • bdg

      #14 If you don't move your hand you'll get a bad tan line!!!!!

      • Tan-vette

        No tan lines here…keepin it pg-13 for Chive 😉

  • KSD

    And we have movement… again… at work. POV is indeed the best.

  • John

    21 & 23 WANT

  • MattKL

    #10 FTW!

  • Luke0027

    #11 get crackin'

  • labdogsnharleys

    I love it when you can see their pussy to…..hehehe…

  • MitSsor

    Best series of pics I've ever seen. God bless Chive.

  • Brent


  • ChivingAttorney

    #7 Going to need to see MOAR of the Bama Chivette

    • bdg

      The most beautiful women in the world in Tuscaloosa,and all ver the SEC!!! Roll Tide!!!!

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